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Animal... spirit... guide.

What is the first animal that comes to your mind when you read those words?

I can say with confidence that... that animal is a spirit guide for you.

(For now anyways because as you evolve, your assistance from the spirit world changes along with it.)

I have, and continue to have, different animals spirit guides come in and out of my experience.

This morning I was dreaming that I was in an apartment building laundry room.... and this brilliant orange crab, who was infused with yellow, like a glowing sunset....crawled across the floor.

He was so beautiful and bright as though under a spotlight.

The crab clearly was a focal point of that experience and I was meant to remember him.

Spirit did everything but have a flashing neon sign pointing to it :)

So, of course, I looked up the meaning of crab...Many different books and websites agree that crab is a reminder that we may move sideways in order to move forward in life and that not all paths are direct, which is okay.

Be at peace with that.

The crab reminds us to be in the flow with the universe, the ebb and tide so to speak....

In that same dream I stumbled upon a cheetah, yes...stumbled upon...a....cheetah.....doesn't this just happen every day? ;)

He insisted on coming with me on my dream adventure and it felt like someone had left him behind...very interesting!!!

So.... Off I go to my books, and the internet, and this is what I discovered;

The cheetah is about speed and focus. The ability to hyper focus for a short period of time, accomplish great amounts of work and then to partake in self-care as you rest and prepare for the next burst forward on your journey.

The point is to be narrow and tightly focused like when a cheetah focuses in on his prey.

Be the cheetah!

I love my life and my spiritual adventures that I have... even in the dream state!

So when animals visit you in your dreams, refer to the above book to find out what spirit is telling you. And then...

... please share your experiences below.

Thank you for joining me on this animal spirit guide adventure and there is more to come!

Much Love,

Ahrina Kay

The Woo Woo Diva

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