Yellow Archangel, Jophiel

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When I work closely with the Yellow Archangel, Jophiel, I tend to see this colour everywhere. All varying shades of sunshine are brought to the forefront of my immediate experience when he is near.

An interesting note; Jophiel is the Prince of the Cherubim, which is one of the 9 choirs of Angels and they are responsible for guarding the Tree of Life, among other things.

He can assist us in seeing where the hand of God has touched in our lives and his name means...

"Beauty of God"

The Yellow Archangel, Jophiel helps us to gain clarity and bring us out of our darker thoughts into the light while seeing the beauty in our lives... everywhere that it lies, even in the most unsuspecting places.

Join me on this journey to discover Jophiel's gifts and how to tap into those attributes to enhance our own lives!

Associated with the arts, Divine wisdom, and creativity...

Archangel Jophiel, the yellow Angel, can be called upon to develop all creative pursuits.

Thank you Glenyss for the loan of the pic :)

Jophiel Archangel can connect you to Divine Wisdom. He is the Guardian of the the Tree of Knowledge, along with Archangel Uriel. This Yellow Archangel oversees artistic creators, which include; fine arts (music, drama, painting etc...), inventors, builders, film makers, basically all artistic endeavors.

For those wishing to further pursue their spiritual development and seek enlightenment... you will wish to work closely with this Divine Archangel.

A Quick Recap...

Call on Jophiel for assistance in developing your spiritual side, accessing Divine wisdom, all creative pursuits and for help to see God's beauty in all things :)

This Yellow Archangel may appear as a sparkle of yellow light...

Archangel Uriel

... when you call him (as with all the Angels) you may feel a warmth, pressure or a tingling in your body, directly after the invocation.

Either sign you experience is confirmation for you that he is present.

(Don't worry if you didn't experience any confirmation. Trust that as you open up, and use your "woo woo" side more often, you will become sensitive to it... I promise!)

Archangel Jophiel can also help you to access greater spiritual knowledge!

I love it!

My tip...

I feel most connected to the Yellow Archangel, Jophiel when I am in nature. Even just being in my backyard around the plants and the birds I feel a strong connection. This is when I am most in alignment with the Yellow Archangel's energy and if I require his assistance... this is when I ask.

Dearest Archangel Jophiel, I love you, I honor you and I appreciate you.

I see your beautiful yellow light reach inside of me, like the finger of God as you touch that creative spark in my core and I see it ignite. I feel your yellow light expand to reach every cell of my body and fill me with God's glowing light.

I humbly ask for assistance with_______________________.

Bless you, my friend.

Thank you, thank you, thank you.

"Jophiel's Associations", are a collection of ways to feel closer to The Yellow Archangel. For example; his day is Sunday, therefor that would be a good day to perform a ceremony or meditation to connect with Jophiel's energy. It would be more powerful than any other day for building a special connection with him.

This may help as well... his stone is Citrine, so I may choose to place that on my altar too... get the picture?

I love connecting with

the 7 archangels!

Jophiel's Associations

Day of the Week




Zodiac Sign







Crown Chakra


Deep Rose Pink


The 2nd Ray of Divine Wisdom/illumination.

Ascended Master

Lord Lanto is the Chohan of the second Ray, formerly it was Kuthumi who now serves with Jesus as "World Leader". Jophiel and Lord Lanto work together with those students following the path of this Ray.

Twin Flame


Etheric Retreat

South of The Great Wall of China

Archangel uriel rutilated quartz

Crystals & Gems

Citrine (my favorite)...

Phenalate, Amethyst, Ametrine, Smoky Quartz, Ruitlated Quartz, Pink Rubellite, Pink Tourmaline

Essential Oils

Lavender, Orange, Myrrh, Lemongrass

Flowers & Flower Essences

Phalaenopsis, Purple Vanda


Yellow, Pink

˙·٠•●♥ Ƹ̵̡Ӝ̵̨̄Ʒ ♥●•٠·˙

Since Archangel Jophiel is connected to the Crown  Chakra...

Create your own "Crown Chakra" spray, which will help you to connect with his energy!

  • find an empty spray bottle
  • 3/4 fill with distilled water
  • add a combination of some of the essential oils and flower essences listed above
  • place a small stone in the bottle, from the list above
  • shake and spray

Thank you for joining me on this journey...

... exploring the Yellow Archangel, Jophiel!

If you have any questions, as always, contact me here or leave a message below and I will do my best to assist you.

Much love,

Ahrina Kay


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