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Chakra Colour Chart


The Chart ...

is handy to use while you explore your seven energy centers.

Each colour has a specific vibration for that specific power axis. When you apply it, you assist in healing that energy center.

First - The Root

Second - The Sacral

Third - The Solar Plexus

Fourth - The Heart

Fifth - The Throat

Sixth - The Third Eye

Seventh - The Crown








And here's a picture to see where each power center is located.

Crown Chakra Third Eye Chakra Throat Chakra Heart Chakra Solar Plexus Chakra Sacral Chakra Root Chakra Image Map

You can use these colours to heal, ignite or charge up your Chakras.

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Your Chakras and Aura are the real energetic you and as you heal them, you heal your whole self.

Visualize the right colour with the corresponding chakra and picture it glowing with that colour. See it spin. Add more coloured light until it feels done.... for now, and remember....you can always add white light to your chakras, there is never enough white light.

(I admit ...I have a white light addiction)

Keep reading below for more information!

Use the above Chakra Colour Chart to add specific colour healing to your power centers. If your Throat Chakra needs work, wear the corresponding colour of turquoise to heal it.

If your Heart center is blocked? Wear green, or a green pendant or even just green undies. The vibration of green will nourish the chakra :)

By wearing the associated colour you help to heal that specific area.

To learn more about your Chakras and to read a full description of each energy center... click here!

Have fun connecting to your power centers.

I wish you success on your healing journey and if you have any questions, you can contact me here or leave a comment below :)

Much Love,

Ahrina Kay

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I want us all to be healthy.

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Thank you for stopping in today and I hope the Chakra Colour Chart was useful to you.

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