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It's time to "Man Up"!

For the record, this phrase works well for both sexes as "Woman Up" just doesn't have the same ring to it!

Don't get me wrong, I am not a man-hater. I love men! I should be jaded but I'm not, even though I've had some profoundly crappy experiences... I have also had some amazingly beautiful ones!

"I think the Universe is keeping me in balance with my romantic experiences", she says with a raised eyebrow.

Let me get to the point;

It is never okay to end a relationship, no matter how short or long, via text, email or Facebook. There I said it! (Let me add one caveat; If you haven't actually met person, and only online, a text is an acceptable way to share with them that you are no longer interested. Okay I gave you one out! lol.)

Your outgoing partner deserves the respect to hear it in person, so that they can receive the closure they need to move forward. Remember this isn't all about you. There were two people involved and consideration must be given to the other and their emotional processes too.

Choose respect and kindness always people!

We have all experienced hurt on some level and to some degree. Please be kind to one another.

The dating world can be a vicious experience on the sensitive souls out there searching for their partner and I ask that you always end the relationship with dignity and empowerment for both parties

So "Man Up" people!

It's time to "Man Up" and tie up loose ends in a way that honors both parties involved. How would you feel being on the receiving end of a text that starts with "We gotta talk"? Argh! Let me just say... it sucks! It's disrespectful and it hurts my heart when I hear about these experiences.

So for all you people out there too chicken shit to do it in person, I have this to say, "Grow up and grow into the person that I know you can be".

You've been given an opportunity to affect someone in a heart-centered way without hurting them deeply. (Understanding that some hurt will be necessary for the two of you to move forward separately, yet you can limit the effect of the blow in a respectful way.)

As I venture further into dating, I am surprised by peoples choices... and I wish I didn't have to say this, but I am often disappointed in their behaviors, as well.

If I may be so blunt, a lot of people shouldn't be dating at all and are in need of counseling and solitude, to gather awareness of who they are on a deeper level. (Dating and relationships can be used as a distraction from "doing your work".)

As my friend T. Harv Eker says "How you do anything is how you do everything". Which is a great segue to this question that I pose to you.. (for those of you who have ended a relationship via text)... Where else in your life do you need to "Man Up" and take responsibility? Where are you not showing up and being present and accountable? I guarantee you that there are other areas of your life that you are performing this way.

Life is too short to live it half-assed my friends, (Or is it full-assed all the way? lol).

Just don't be an ass!

When I started my personal development journey, I attended a few courses to start breaking through the shells of protection I had built around me. Courses are a great way to soften your edges, remove layers of armor and open up your heart-center. It's interesting that some of these courses are centered around financial topics (this seems to be the safe way for people to attend. I guess it feels less personal.)

Click here for more information on courses!

Truth is it's all personal, as it is is your personal experience traveling through this life.

Let's have some kinder, gentler souls out there in the world. Start with a course on how to be financially successful. I dare you ;)

And then see where life takes you.

As you open up your heart-center, awaken your light and "Man Up", your experiences in life become richer and more vibrant!

I admit that I have an ulterior  motive for writing this; I wish to encounter emotionally healthy people in the dating world!

That's it!

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