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Sedona Arizona with Ahrina and her team!

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Sedona, Arizona is my favorite place to visit. It is the only place I've traveled to that felt like home!

Is your spirit team calling you?

Are you ready to be moved to your core?

Are you ready to feel a connection so deeply that you are emotionally moved...

My life has been one long spiritual adventure, as this website can attest to, and Sedona was one more piece of the puzzle on this journey.

I felt shifts inside of my 1st, 2nd and 3rd chakra's just driving into the town for the first time!

Being an intuitive, with strong ties to my native ancestry (and having a near death experience when I was young... which opened up my pathways to “Spirit”).

I listen when Spirit talks to me and Spirit sure has been talking lately. I have been called to offer spiritually guided tours for women.

The next tour to Sedona, Arizona is in spring 2018.

The cost is TBD...

This will includes transportation from Phoenix (and for all 6 days), hotel, breakfast and entrance into all events.

I have a limited number of spaces available so as to keep the event in an intimate setting.

There are numerous sacred sites and vortexes for us to see.

An interesting note is that the trees become more twisted the closer we get to the  center of a vortex!

An evening with a Shaman...

... is an experience we will never forget!

"He will take us on a sacred journey into the beauty of the Sedona red rock country and visit the vortex power spots "

We will experience a traditional sweat lodge with the Shaman as well, and have many more interesting experiences throughout the Sedona area.

There will be many moments of connection and chances for Spirit to show up as it is my intention to create opportunities for Spirit to arrive and take you on your own personal adventures.

I am so excited to be on this quest with you.

For more information, or to reserve one of the limited spots, please contact me right away!

See you soon!

Ahrina Kay

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