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Welcome to my dating blog... as I share my varied experiences of internet dating... the good, the bad and the sometimes not so pretty.

Where names will be changed to protect the innocent (and not so innocent) and humour is found everywhere I look!

I want to start with some truth... my connection to Spirit has not helped me one bit in my dating life! Lol!

Or maybe it's because I put my hands over my ears, like a cheeky child and say "Lalalala... I don't hear you!" :)

Oh my, what a bunch of interesting experiences I've had so far!

Up until now, I have listened to Spirit in all aspects of my life, except this one.

I am driven by love, desire love, and know into the core of my Being that "My Love" is out there.

I am always open to, and on the watch for, my Divine Mate entering my life and when I find myself caught up in the possibility of a potential mate being "the one", that emotionality gets in the way of me hearing direction from Spirit.

So what I am saying is that we are all human and have our own personal challenges to work through.

As I travel through life, one of my lessons is to stay grounded (without denying the excitement of a new relationship)...

and open to guidance from above, while I navigate the sometimes treacherous dating waters.

(You singles out there know what I'm talking about)

(a future blog to come about kindness)

This dating blog is a way for me to process...

... my experiences and to share them with others on a similar path. Knowing that you are not alone wading through the sometimes muddy waters of the dating pool is comforting don't you think? I certainly do.

Have you been dating lately?

Did you know that the world of dating has changed?

It has morphed into being an online fish pond of possibilities but often turns out to be a lot of fluff.

A lot of the online profiles are... shall I say... partial truths. Some people build themselves up to be something they're not. I don't know why they do that because when you meet for the first time, the truth is obvious and who wants to begin a relationship on a lie? It's time to "Man Up" people.

Some profiles are false without malicious intent where... through a lack of awareness they're seeing themselves through rose coloured glasses instead of using their “truth eyes”.

So as an honest and authentic person, with an honest and authentic profile, how do I stumble through this with grace and dignity?

It's challenging, but I do have a few tools in my toolbox that are cutting down on the clutter in the inbox;

  • No picture, no response. Simple as that.

If you don't have the gumption (that's a great old word)... Then you're not the man for me, period.

  • Little or no information in your profile, usually followed by two words  “ask me”.

Really? Lazy daters need not apply.

In my life, I don't have time or energy for countless emails just to find out what you could have posted in your profile. Share who you are (or who you think you are) upfront please.

  • An opening email ,received from a potential suitor, that consists of one sentence in reference to how I look.

That says to me that you haven't actually read my profile to see if I am a personality match. That you just think I'm cute or whatever adjective you choose to use.

Looks are only the first step in the attraction process. Who are you as a person? Do you have the depth of character that I'm looking for?

Take the time to write something about what you have read, that lets me know that you think, personality wise, that I am a match for you.

  • Immediately suggesting that we move off the site to chat.

Red flag! Why, I ask? What is your agenda? (because I have found that there always is one when that happens). Sometimes it involves pictures of the male anatomy... yes, for real! Oy vey!

Here is what I've discovered.
You're not going to believe this dear reader...

Come in close.... this is a doozie...

Are you ready?

There are fake profiles!

What? You may ask.

Yup, people pretending to be someone else! How do I know? Because I have fallen for it.

There are some scrupulous people out there that create a completely fake profile from the ground up. Not a single piece of information, including their pictures, is them.

Why do they do this? I suspect some do it to feel empowered and better than others (maybe they have had some very bad experiences with the opposite sex), some for entertainment purposes etc...

These people always direct you off the site immediately.

(Using the reverse phone directory has been a godsend! Oh you say you live in New York, yet your phone is in California?! Busted! Lol! )

Now back to the toolbox...

  • You post only 1 picture and it's from so far away (or with sun glasses on) that I can't actually see what you look like.

My take on that is that you really don't want to be seen for who you are. You're hiding something or some part of you.

I have the ability (when not clouded with emotion) to see right into the core of people. To see those hidden gems or dark places. (Is this a blessing or a curse? The jury is still out on that.) 

Let's just say that I know that those men would be very uncomfortable with me on a date. Lol!

Are you still with me?

This dating blog is snowballing into a very interesting part of my life :)

I know there are some keepers out there in the dating world. I have met some beautiful souls that just weren't my guy, but definitely  kindred spirits.

I will not allow myself to ever become jaded and I'll keep searching. He's out there somewhere and I know he's looking for me too.

If you would like to hear more of my stories, please follow my blog. See you soon!

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