On the subject of Living Life By Design...

"Where will your life be 5 years from now...

if you don't change anything?"

Wow, what a question.

The hamster wheel started turning. If I was living life by design, and I'm not, what would that look like?

Wake up call! I had fallen off the "creating my reality" band wagon.

This isn't a new concept to me (having been involved in the personal development world since my 20's). Yet like everyone, I am human and I had misplaced that thought process somewhere in my brain and I needed to hear it again.

So on January 19th, 2017, my new friend, Char Blair, asked me that life-changing question and after much thinking here is my response....

I have a good "Day job" right now yet, I have a ceiling on my income and since "The Question" was asked of me, I have come to realize that that isn't enough.

I want more from life, therefor I required more income to accomplish that.  It's as simple as that!

I want this view everyday. Do I have it now? No. Have I created it temporarily? Yes. I'm wanting this to be my permanent view.

I've decided that if my goal isn't so large that it scares me, then I'm not dreaming big enough and you know what? I forgot to dream. I was lost in everyday life and I'd forgotten how to dream.

I know that I'm not alone here. Many of us, as adults, forget to dream about a bigger and better life?

It's time for me to be "Living Life By Design".

(Click here for a short video on creating your life....)

Living Life By Design

I guess the easiest way to say this, is that I needed to find my "why" to then generate change. (Change begins with uncovering your "why".)

Why do I want change? Why/what do I wish to create?

If time or money were no object, what would I be doing?

I was sitting in my office at my day job, the next day. My head turning, churning and burning and this is the text I sent to Char;

Here I am sitting at work literally vibrating in my chair...

And I am reminding myself to remember this moment, all of it. Remember what it feels like as I am standing on the edge of a cliff preparing to jump off.

Remember the excitement.

Remember into the core of my Being, on a cellular level, what it feels like. I want to be able to recognize this powerful moment of creating and designing my life. I want "future me" to access this from my tool box.

I want to be able to describe this to my business partners and coach them through this same process so that we can all be WILDLY successful!

This is the moment when it all changed (when I sidestepped timelines into another reality).

This... is... IT!

This is the moment when I remembered that I wanted to be "Living Life By Design", instead of default... and this was the opportunity!

My "why" is this; I wish to own a tropical home and I wish to travel to sacred sites around the world. I am creating experiences and working on checking off my bucket list! (I had forgotten about my bucket list).

March 2017 (1 1/2 months in my new business) first bucket list item done!

Before we go over the details;

First, I want to ask you, "Where will YOUR life be 5 years from now if you don't change anything?"

Truth moment:
If you are currently unhappy about something in your life right now and you don't have an action plan to change it, it will be there 5 years from now!

Second, "What is YOUR 'why'?" Do you want more income, spend more time with your children, wish to have more time-freedom?

I've lived most of my life with my head just above the water, treading my heart out to keep me afloat and honestly I've dipped under a few times.  I'm no longer in survival mode emotionally and I don't wish to be in survival mode financially anymore either.

When we know better, we do better... and I have found a better way for me.

On Feb 2, 2017 I jumped into the deep end!

My life changed... period! 

I am now surrounded with like-minded people who are on the personal development path.

We speak the same language and desire success for one another.

We lift each other up! :)

At 49 I have found my peeps!

What am I doing?

I joined a team that's on fire, creating a new normal and all of us are committed to going to the top!

I am supported personally by the leaders in this business and they have given, and continue to arm me, with the tools to be "WILDLY successful"!

I am surrounded directly, by 3 National Vice Presidents , NVP's (1 is an Executive National Vice President, ENVP) who are living proof that this system works.

In the first month my team of business partners grew to 13. Let me repeat that, in the FIRST month my team grew to 13 (and continues to grow at an amazing pace).

A group of us at an event in Vancouver! #superfun #girlsonfire #livinglifebydesign
From left to right; Me, Narissa Young, Char Blair, Donna Clark-Sorensen, Chelsea Robertson

What if I told you that for a little financial investment, and a larger emotional investment, that you too could be in control of your financial destiny?

That "Living Life By Design" is closer to reality than you may currently feel and that you will have all the support you need every step along the way?

It's all true!!

I am an Independent Consultant and future National Vice President with Arbonne. I purchased a micro-franchise and joined Network marketing as my business.

I am committed to running with you to the top of this company!

I am going all the way no matter what... yet I would love to travel this journey with you! Are you ready?

My mentor, Char Blair became a District Manager in her first two weeks of Arbonne (and I have done the same... well in 12 days :P).

This is not the norm (but it is possible) and in fact it takes , on average, 5 months to achieve this level.

As I mentioned in the beginning, we are creating a new normal.

Char went on to become an Area Manager (the next level), in month 2,

(I will have completed this in month 3), again, this is not the norm. On average it takes 14 months. She then went on to complete the Regional Vice president level in 6 months and National Vice President in 12 months (this normally takes 4 1/2 years).

Do you see it?! This is real and duplicate-able!

I've done my "due diligence" researching this company (and I encourage you to do the same). Arbonne has been in North America since 1980. At the moment of writing this, Arbonne is a 37 year old company and we are going global (currently we are in 8 countries and we are going to explode globally very soon).

I have jumped on the Arbonne train and see this as the opportunity for "Living Life By Design".

If my vision is your vision, click --> To enter my Arbonne website and learn more.

I believe that if you build it they will come... in other words, what you focus on you create... This is the year of the Merecedes (Oh, did I mention that at the 3rd level of management Arbonne gifts you with a white Mercedes?).

I am going to take this moment to invite you to join my team. We are on fire and are looking for leaders, like yourself to join us on this adventure!

If I have piqued your interest, send me a message.

I am on Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram and Twitter as Woo Woo Diva!

Talk to you soon!


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