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Dreaming: Conscious Dreaming


That moment when you realize...

"Hey, this isn't real," where you have control over an aspect (or aspects) of what you are experiencing.

This is where you have become "aware" while in the sleep state and this is where the fun begins...

Here is a recent adventure I had...

"That's funny," I'm thinking. "Who's this little girl in front of me. ".....I reach my hand down to this sweet little thing who has already lifted her hand in anticipation of me holding it. Her big blue eyes wide with excitement as I begin to notice that I'm wearing a bizarre "get up"...huh...this is weird...OMG!!!

I'm dressed like...like.......Snow White?"

conscious dreaming snow whit

It is in that moment that I realize that I am dreaming. How do I know, you may ask?

Because I know I'm not really Snow White.

(smartie pants alert!)

Simple as that.  :)

I have to say that these moments of recogition are precious, while still in the dream state.

Unfortunately they don't happen every night. 

Yet, in the realm of conscious dreaming, I value these experiences of that special moment of increasing perception.

That flash of knowing is what I find to be precious. In that moment you are experiencing a shift in consciousness.

So then...

... if we create our reality with our mind, we are then training our mind to become ever more aware and to easily shift in consciousness. Do you follow?

Awareness begets more awareness:)

And it is receiving spiritual/personal development practices (or consciousness building practices, if you prefer to refer to it as), in the dream state not just in the wakened state. Very cool!

but I digress...

Often when this perception arrives I like to spontaneously fly... like Neo in "The Matrix".

Soaring through the sky just because I can.

When you are in that space of "awareness"

... you have the opportunity to control some aspects of your dream. This is so much fun because you can go anywhere and do anything that you want. You no longer have physical limitations (or even financial ones for that matter).

If I want to fly to Paris while dreaming... I can. (And on my own wings too!)

If I want to visit the sacred sites of the world, like Stonehenge or Machu Picchu, I can be there with just a thought :)


You can do this too!

It doesn't get better than this!

More info...

The difference between conscious dreaming & Lucid, is just with more control... and the more you do it, the easier it becomes.


Astral Projection differs from lucid dreaming, in that it happens outside of yourself and you do not have control over others. These are each different shifts in consciousness.

This has been an introduction to conscious dreaming...

I hope I have ignited a spark inside of you to learn more on this vast subject.

In the realm of conscious dreaming, don't you want to know more about the meanings of your dreams?

What Dreams Mean is a big subject and left up to much interpretation.

Join me to explore my take on this topic.

Much Love,

Ahrina Kay


Here is a video to assist in getting to the state where lucid dreaming can occur.

(I would suggest using head phones for a greater affect.)

And please share your experience below!

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