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Greek Goddess Names;

Aphrodite - Aphrodite Greek Goddess of love and beauty. Call on her to create or attract more beauty in your life. Beauty that has a softness to it, a gentleness. A beauty from the inside out. That is the kind of beauty she can assist with.

Artemis - Call on her when you wish to develop your inner strength as she is an independant, athletic goddess. One could say that she encapsulates the wild feminine spirit.

Athena - This powerful Goddess is the one to seek when you need wisdom and protection. Ask for her guidance if you are uncertain to fight or use diplomacy. One who was often misunderstood, she will stand by you as you seek clarity, understanding and respect.


More Greek Goddess Names;

Calypso - Daughter of Titan, her name means "concealer". She lived on the island of Ogygia (near Malta). She was the one who kept Odeysseus as her lover for seven years, against his will.

Demeter - Call upon this Goddess to help grow crops in your life, literally or figuratively. Fertility is her game and Demeter is her name :0

Okay that's enough silliness for one day but in truth she will assist in growing new idea's into fruition.

Eos - Goddess of the dawn. Being the Goddess of hope, new beginnings, passion and desire. call upon the Goddess Eos to assist you with this.

Hecate - a Greek Moon Goddess who brings protection, abundance and success. Travelers, call on Hecate to keep you safe on your journey.

Hera - Queen of the Greek Gods and wife of Zeus. She is the Goddess of Marriage and Childbirth.

Hestia - To give service, that is who Hestia Greek Goddess, is and what she does. She supports the service of others. Call on her to help with volunteer missions/organizations, or to assist you as you give of yourself for a cause.

Medusa - This beautiful Greek Goddess. Yes that's right, I said beautiful. She was beautiful before Athena in her jealousy turned her hair to snakes. She is the Goddess to call in when there is a need to look at one's past and decipher a misconception that one is still living. In other words, when a patterned behavior is no longer working for you... call on Medusa, Greek Goddess to search out an release it.

Nike - Known as the "Winged Goddess of Victory". This Greek Goddess, is often depicted hovering with outspread wings over a victor in competition. In fact, her image is represented on the medals of the Summer Olympic Games. Call on Nike, Greek Goddess for all competitive events. Whether they be sporting, job related or of the heart. Anywhere in your life where you are perceiving a competition, Nike can help.

Persephone - The Greek Goddess of gardening, growth (personal and spiritual) and new beginnings.

Vesta - Mother goddess of hearth and home. Call on her to warm up your relationships, life in general and.... anything in between.

I hope you find this information on the Greek Goddess Names useful and if you would like more information on the Greek Goddesses...please click on the individual Goddess links above.

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