Being Real with Ahrina

So the funny thing is that I realized that I process emotionally, verbally out loud and usually in my car. Yep, I'm talking to the universe as I'm working through my "stuff". Because I'm human like everyone else, sometimes that looks like crying, yelling, laughing, begging (lol)... etc as I'm getting clearer on where I am and where I want to be.

It really was an easy transition into podcasting since I have a lot to say and I was already saying it.

Don't get me wrong when I say that there was some good ideas and interesting insights.

There was also a lot of garbage. Garbage thoughts! Garbage verbiage! I had to expel it to get to the golden nuggets. There are layers and layers of old belief systems that are no longer working for me and I am committed to this being a life long learning process.

This Podcast series was born out of my desire to assist others in their transitions. I thought that if I can shorten someone else's learning curve (which I would have loved myself) by sharing what I know so far, then that creates a win/win!


Thank you for your patience as this page is being built (and the podcasts are being recorded). It will all be up and running soon!

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