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Dynamic Intuition

How does it show up in your life and what is it?

What is the Definition of Intuition?

How do I really know it is something greater than myself?

How do I develop it and trust it? What does it mean to be in "the Flow"?

What is Woman's Intuition?

I hope to answer all these questions and more as we delve into our "inner sight".

Hold on to your hats, my friends,

because this subject is greater than you or I.

It goes out into the cosmos and deep into your cellular structure.

There are "things" we know that are so far within ourselves that it is embedded in our cells and conversely,

there are insights we know that are far beyond ourselves yet...

we know it to be true...

into the core of who we are.

Let's start with looking at the "feelings" we have.

You know... those feeling that don't make sense to our analytical mind. The urges that cause us to make different choices even when there is no logical reason to do so.

That is your Dynamic Intuition at play.

Light in eye

Some call it your;

  • sixth sense
  • clairvoyance
  • divine insight

We have all had that experience where a particular person just pops into your head for seemingly no reason and then the phone rings and surprise...it's them!

That is your "inner knowing"... talking to you and a clear example of the clairvoyant you knowing something before your mind does.

Tools to develop your Dynamic Intuition

When I have an important decision to make I always "check in" and see "how it feels".

I have worked this way for years, tapping into my inner knowing, and I have found that over time, the connection becomes stronger.

There are more tools to help us gather information and use our sixth sense; Angel Tarot Cards, Tea Leaf Reading, Dowsing and Palm Reading.

I think that...

... this dynamic intuitive insight is a direct line to the Divine and when we are in the right space vibrationally we have access to unlimited information.

This is where the creative process takes place. Tapping into that, which is greater than ourselves, allows artists to create masterpieces.

A fantastic talk on "Creative Genius" by Elizabeth Gilbert...

When we, humbly, tap into "the flow", we have the opportunity to enhance our lives by gaining knowledge or guidance for ourselves (and/or others) and intensify our creativity.

In essence, making our lives more dynamic!

Enjoy the process, and truly, the more fun you have the easier it becomes because as you giggle and enjoy yourself, you raise your vibration.

This strengthens your connection and it becomes easier to hear your Dynamic Intuition.

Much Love,

Ahrina Kay

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