welcome to Woo Woo Diva!

I'm Ahrina, and most of my life I have been "tapped in", spiritually speaking.

This blessing has provided me with many

"Woo Woo"

experiences to write about and share (which is how and why this website was started).

In 2011, I began putting the proverbial pen to paper and wrote web pages about it. Pages and pages and pages... 

... And this is continually evolving and growing... Like me... Like you... And like everything around us!

Some of my favorite topics....

Chakras Spirit Guides Intuition Dreaming The Diva's Blog The 7 Archangels Greek Goddesses Maya Moon Goddess The 7 Rays Angel Tarot Cards Image Map

I have grown into who I am today;

  • Woo Woo Diva
  • Spiritual Explorer
  • Author
  • Podcaster
  • Musician
  • Personal Development Warrior
  • Life coach
  • Inspiration Enthusiast


I have an understanding that deep, intimate connection is a full package deal.

Meaning that, I believe we want deep intimate connection internally (with ourselves), externally (with others) and also with something greater than ourselves; Spirit, God, the Universe, Angels, Buddha, (use whichever term works for you).

Wahoo! Woo Woo! I love these topics!

Have you ever wondered how your chakras work?

Would you like to know who your spirit guide is?

What is the difference between a lucid dream and astral travel?

If Angels are real, how do you talk to them and who are the 7 Archangels?

Who are the Goddesses and how do you work with them?

What are the 7 Rays? How do they affect you and how can you use this knowledge to your advantage?

What is your Intuition and how do I use Divination tools?

And so much more!

It has become my passion to inspire others by sharing my experiences, skills and knowledge as I believe that by being deeply personal, and vulnerable, that I create the space for others to do the same. And ultimately we live in a kinder world when people are emotionally vulnerable.

Organically it's become time for this website to grow, encompassing all of my passions...

Drum roll please...............

Welcome to Woo Woo Diva 2.0

This is where creativity lives and there are no limits.

It's where the rubber meets the road my friends.

I have a place for my writing projects, my musical side (no, not me the musical...lol), I'm recording a podcast series... season 1 is about being the best version of you and we talk about personal development tools to take your life to the next level...

As a writer, I authored articles for True Blue Spirit magazine for years and now I am working on my first book and numerous other writing projects (of varying genres).

I know right?! This is exciting!

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