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Chakra Definitions
(a guide to your seven chakra system)

Welcome to my Chakra page!

This is a guide to your Chakras!

What are they? Where are they and how do they effect me? Here we go...

Chakra lights in Nature

Let's start with what they are.... They are energy centers located in your body.

Their appearance is a funnel shape, with the small end of the cone located in your spine.

The funnel travels through your body with the large, open end  exiting out your front side (for most of them).

(The Root power center comes out your perineum towards Mother Earth and the Crown funnel comes out the top of your head connecting upwards.)

This may help you to visualize them when we get to the, "healing and clearing your chakra's" stage. And yes...we can change and heal our power centers!!!

Have fun exploring the Chakra Definitions!

All Things Chakra!

Just for fun...

A collection of pictures of chakras here!

The First Chakra, aka The Root and Muldahara

The definition is;

... your survival and "sense of safety" place, positioned at the base of the spine (perineum).

If you are unbalanced here, there may be feelings of abandonment, isolation, fear and distrust.

Hence then, if you are balanced in The Root you are feeling connected to others and something greater than yourself.

You are trusting and feeling "safe" in all aspects of life.

The colour associated with this area is red.

Root Chakra

The Second Chakra,
aka The Sacral and Svadisthana;

The definition is;

... your sexual and creativity hub.

It is established just below the belly button.

If you are unbalanced here, you may experience sexual dysfunction, frustration, control issues and poor emotional boundaries.

If you are balanced in this intense place then you will have clear boundaries, feel the flow of creativity and have healthy sexual relationships.

Sacral Chakra

The colour associated with the Sacral is orange.

The Third Chakra,
The Solar Plexus aka and Manipura

The definition is;

... your self-esteem and intuitive home base. (Not to be mistaken with the third eye and it's intuition connection, which we will get to.)

This power packed point is where we feel our "gut instincts".

It is found approximately 2 inches above your belly button. If this is unbalanced you may feel powerless, be hypersensitive to criticism, experience perfectionism and you may have digestive issues.

Solar Plexus Chakra

If you are balanced in this zone, you are confident (standing in your personal power), connected/listening to your gut instinct, have healthy self-esteem and a healthy digestive system.

The colour associated with the Solar Plexus is yellow.

The Fourth Chakra,
aka The Heart and Anahata;

The definition is;

... your emotional processing center!

This dynamic core is positioned in the middle of your chest.

If it is unbalanced, you may experience jealousy, sadness, lack compassion and empathy, and you may harbor feelings of abandonment and isolation.

If you are balanced in the Heart center, you can give and receive love freely, you are compassionate and experience a true sense of "love for all".

Heart Chakra

The colour associated with this funnel is green.

For an in depth look at the Heart center  click here,

The Fifth Chakra,
aka The Throat and Visuddha

The definition is;

... your communication center which gives you the ability to speak honestly.

This dynamic spot is found in your throat.

If this is unbalanced, you my feel, a lack of expression, stagnation and the inability to communicate.

When this zone is balanced, you have the ability to speak your truth and express yourself fully.

The colour associated with the Throat is turquoise.

Throat Chakra

Click here for more information about the Throat Chakra!

The Sixth Chakra,
aka The Third Eye and Ajna;

This area is defined as your intuitive center.

It is located on your forehead between the eyebrows.

If this is unbalanced, you may experience lack of concentration (unclear thinking), and be unable to "see" beyond.

When this intuitive space is balanced, you trust your "inner knowing" (intuitive ability is sharp), clear thinking is present and you have a healthy detachment from possessions, as there is less focus on holding on to or gaining more of them.

The colour associated with the Third Eye is indigo.

Third Eye Chakra

The Seventh Chakra,
aka The Crown and Sahasrara

The definition is;

The place where you connect to source.

This is often represented as the symbol of the lotus flower and the ever unfolding petals to spiritual enlightenment.

This power axis is located at the top of the head and the funnel faces upwards towards the Divine.

When this area is unbalanced...you may feel disconnected, (disconnected from your source, disconnected from your surroundings, disconnected from life), which results in depression and lack of spirituality.

Also when this area is unbalanced you may feel a unnaturally strong attachment to religious dogma.

Crown Chakra

When this energy funnel is balanced...you feel connected to something greater than yourself. You have the ability to access other realms. Feelings of bliss may permeate your Being and there is a strong sense of walking on your path... that you are exactly where you are meant to be.

The colour associated with the Crown is violet.

This has been an over-view of the Chakra Definitions

Now that you have become aware of your power core areas, you may have identified the need to clear them.

Knowing the symptoms of an unbalanced energy system provides us with the opportunity to heal them and let's start with a picture of the chakra locations & a chakra colour chart.

Much Love,

Ahrina Kay

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