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Let's talk about my favorite tools...

... for how to cleanse a crystal. "Yippee", she says rubbing her hands together anticipating tremendous fun.

My Crystals

I love my crystals... and the items that we love, ourselves included, require some TLC.

Like our bodies, crystals absorb energy. Just sit with that for a our bodies.....crystals absorb energy.

You may be thinking "Woo Woo Diva, what the heck are you talking about?"

Well, I am telling you that you are absorbing and carrying around other people's energy (whether you are aware of it or not), unless.....and only are looking after your energetic self and cleansing your energy on a regular basis. But I digress. Back to crystals, did I tell you that I love crystals? :)

Smokey Quartz Crystal

You need to know that even if you aren't actively using your crystals to absorb or deflect energy, they still pick up vibrations, some of which you don't want hanging around your house.

For this reason I recommend cleansing them every full moon. It's easy to remember that way and you can use the full moon to assist you with this process.

Full Moon Crystal Clearing...

Full Moon

Take your crystals and place them in a deep baking pan.

Cover them with water and place in the moonlight overnight. Voila!

In the morning you now have cleared crystals. Some people like to add salt to the water, which I do sometimes.

For me, it depends on what feels right at the time.

Ocean Water Crystal Clearing...

Take your crystals to the ocean and submersing them in the water is another option.

Of course for this I would not leave them over night! But... if you have a bucket and you are heading to the beach anyways, cover the stones with ocean water and change it a few times while you are there....and you're done!

Ocean cleansing crystals

Crystal Clearing By Smudging...

Purchase a sage smudging wand, light it and using a feather, swish the smoke over your crystals with the intention to cleanse and clear them.

Energy Crystal Clearing...

Another tool for how to cleanse a crystal is using your own energy. Take a crystal in your hands, feel the pulse of your energy in your palms and direct that energy into the crystal with the intention to clear it. Done!

You can use each tool separately or in combination with each other. I always recommend doing what feels right.

You now know how to cleanse a crystal and remember...

... cleanse yourself too :)

Much love,

The Woo Woo Diva

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