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Angel Tarot Cards

Also known as Oracle Cards...

Angel Tarot cards in a row

These cards are used to gather information for oneself or for another person. It is a tool that connects us to the spirit world, which is something greater than ourselves.

I have a need to know that there is more than myself and I crave this connection.

Angel tarot cards in a stack

These decks may be useful in assisting us to make decisions in our lives.

Information is golden and when we have more of it, it becomes easier to make choices on our path forward!

I very much enjoy working with oracle cards!

They are super easy to use and anyone can do it!

When doing an Angel Tarot Card reading...

...my technique for pulling cards is different from the "norm" because I find that my readings are most accurate if I shuffle until a card falls out.

I repeat this process until I have the number of cards I require.

That's my thing... and everyone must find their own best way to pull accurate cards...

When I cut the deck and pull from the top or bottom, it not only doesn't feel right but..... it is inaccurate most of the time.

You will find your own way that feels best for you. I encourage you to play with it and experiment until you discover what feels right!

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...I use the Angel Tarot Decks to answer a single question and in this case, I will hold the question in my mind and shuffle the cards until one falls out.

That specific one will be the guidance that I need for that question and it always makes perfect sense for the situation I am asking about.

Ahrina Kay (The Woo Woo Diva)

When doing a 3 card reading...

... one represents the past, one represents the present and one represents the potential future.

I say "potential future" because we create our reality with our thoughts and actions and therefor we have the power to change our future as well.

We are given "potentials" and it is up to us individually to create the life, and future, we desire.

To learn more about the "Messages From Your Angels Cards"

The Angel Tarot Decks all come with a guidebook to assist you in reading the cards. I found them helpful during the beginning stages of learning and I encourage you to tap in to what information your intuition is giving you as well.

Angel Oracle cards in a row

In the three card reading you place your cards from left to right beginning with the past (on the left), the present (in the middle) and then the future on the right. As I explained above.

I recommend following this model in the beginning and as you become a whiz at it, try tuning in and seeing how many cards Spirit is wanting you to pull! There are no hard rules. Play, play, play... and let your intuition guide you.

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And see an actual reading with them.

Happy reading!

Much love,

The Woo Woo Diva

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