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Communicating with Spirit Guides

Spirit Guides

This is easy

Talking to your Spirit team will enhance your life on so many levels.

When you experience a connection with your guides, your life, as a whole,  will rise up to a whole other level.

Yup that's what I said, a whole other level!

Come and join the fun, while feeling more connected to something beyond yourself.

Tree Door

In communicating with your Spirit Guides we must first acknowledge... that you have many spirit guides on our team.

Please know that they are all here to lovingly assist you on your journey and all you have to do is ask! That's it!

Well... and listen. Listen for the guidance and communication that you seek. Which may show up in many different forms.

But I digress... let's get back to communicating with your Spirit Guides and... who your team of guides consist of...

These beautiful Beings may consist of angels, archangels, animal spirits and sometimes, mythical creatures such as unicorns, faeries and dragons;

with their amazing "dragon energy", among others.

There are also celestial spirits from other planets here to assist us as we grow and evolve (ie. Arcturians, Andromedians, Pleaidians etc...).

A meditation to begin the communication process with your Spirit Guide

To discover who your main Guide is right now, click here.

This will give you an encounter with your Guide in the form of a  guided meditation. You will see who walks by your side in this moment.

Who Is My Spirit Guide?

Recently I have noticed that clients are discovering that they have Native American Spirit Guides, or a guide of another indigenous culture walking and communicating with them.

(or at least trying communicate... some people aren't listening yet)

There has been an energetic shift and it is now time for these Spirit Guides to appear in our lives.

I feel that Mother Earth has been influential here.

Ever looking after us... she has called to the keepers of the Earth to come in and assist us during this time of great change :)

A short meditation...

That is really how it works.
As I said, Communicating with Spirit Guides is easy.
Easy Peasy!

One guide will step forward and be your main guide for a section of your life and then when you transition into another part of your life... someone else will step forward and provide you with the guidance you require at that time.

There are a team of Beings awaiting their turn!

When Communicating With Spirit Guides... we can't forget the animals...

White Wolf

As you enjoy communicating with spirit guides you may discover that a spirit animal walks with you as well.

I have a wolf spirit guide who stepped forward in my life a couple of years ago...

... and the falcon, who was ever-present for many years, has stepped back into a secondary role.

My wolf brings me strength and safety, which I am needing at this stage of my journey.

I am also strongly connected to the whales, also known as the "record keepers".


Communicating with Spirit Guides often occur in my dreams.

I have very intense Orca dreams and it took me a long time before I would allow myself the freedom to enter the water with them.

Even when I knew I was lucid dreaming, the fear still lingered.

Today I can ride on them, swim with them and allow them to get very close to me!

I would love to hear your adventures with your guides on your journey.

Who are you connected to?

Have you experienced any visions?

Please share them in the form below :)

I just had an interesting experience...

... when I came home from work today.
While gathering my little doggie delights (pugs) from there doggie jail (the downstairs bathroom where they hang out while I'm at work)...the song lyrics,

♫♪ ♫♪ ♫♪ "Doo... doo... doo... looking out my backdoor" ♫♪ ♫♪ ♫♪

... began to play repeatedly in my head like it was stuck in a loop, just that one line over and over.


I encouraged my dogs to come along, cause I knew that spirit was talking.

We got outside and I'm looking out my back door, just like they said, taking it all in, searching for what it is that spirit wants me to see.

Nothing is jumping out at me!

I can't figure it out.

Right then a text comes through from a friend, "I left something on the back porch for you" and that's when I noticed her... a beautiful little fairy statue who now lives beside my bed.

That song playing in my head was Spirit Guides communicating with me  and clearly telling me to look out my back door :)

Often the messages are not so obvious but that one really makes me giggle... lol.

Thank you for showing up to read my stories. I hope you enjoyed reading about Communicating with Spirit Guides.

This is a subject that is dear to me.

I would love to hear yours so please share your spiritual encounters.

I know you have some :)

The form is below and I would love to hear from you!

Much Love,

Ahrina Kay


Have A Great Spiritual Experience to Share about Your Guides?

Share your experience here! Tell us who walks with you on your journey. Did you have an amazing vision? Share it!

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