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Each Archangel and Ascended Master has a sanctuary that we can access for healing and rejuvenation,

(these are homes for the Ascended Masters as well as being used to anchor energy for the earth).

This is like a spa for the spirit!

During meditation and sleep we can take our spirit bodies to these retreats for some TLC. How great is that?!

You can choose where you want to go, depending on your needs at the time.

Each sanctuary is located over a physical location that we are familiar with. For example; Banff, Alberta is the refuge for Archangel Michael.

Archangel Michael

 Yet it's physical location is explained as "over" Banff.

This is another dimension, an overlay so to speak, or heaven world, and is located actually above Banff itself.

It helps me to visualize it as floating above. These etheric retreats can only be seen by intuitives yet everyone has the opportunity to attend.

Here is another example...

The Royal Teton refuge, located above the Grand Teton mountain range in Jackson Hole, Wyoming, is where Lord Lanto invites all on the path to enlightenment, to attend his course for spiritual growth.

There are other advanced Beings who assist at this center, Saint Germain and the Ascended Master Confuscious contribute to the growth of all by instructing their courses here.

The Ascended masters are invested in the process of preparing us for our personal (and global) mission in this lifetime (and future lifetimes).

We are blessed to have their assistance at this time!

Grand Teton Range
This is the main retreat for the Great White Brotherhood

Most of us don't remember our healing/learning experiences that we attend while sleeping, though we may feel an unexpected  new inspiration or a renewed sense of energy.

These spiritual havens are also known as "Spiritual Universities". It's where we can go to learn. This is a valuable source of mentoring/tutoring as we evolve to become higher vibrational Beings.

For an in-depth exploration of the Ascended Masters and their Etheric Retreats, click below!

I hope that this information has helped you...

I hope to add more soon on this topic!

As always, when I learn something new, I will share it with you. :)

Please let me know if you have any questions and I'll do my best to assist.


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