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The Maya Moon Goddess Ixchel...

Woman laying by moon

... is the Goddess of love, fertility and lunar cycles.

Her temple was located on Cozumel, a small island off the coast of Cancun.

Young women, wanting a fruitful marriage, would make a pilgrimage to their Goddess and hope for a blessing!

Ixchel's role in the new age world is similiar;

If you are having fertility issues you can call on her to assist you.

If it's a baby you want then I recommend opening the door to Ixchel entering your life.

She will bring in the energies to, shall I say, "tip the scales in your favor" for a large family, if that's your desire and/or your path.

She does not work miracles this way. If it is not meant to be and your "God of Choice" has other plans for you...well then, so be it. Yet if the option is there for you in this life, she will assist you in making that happen.

This Maya Moon Goddess of Fertility can also assist you in the proliferation of new idea's, projects and artistic creations.

She deals with fertility beyond the reproductive system :)

Ixchel has many specialties.

One of them being the expression of love.If you allow her to, she will teach you to remain heart centered open.

She is able to help you with loving yourself more and she can also assist you in your ability to express love to others.

She does not bring your true love to you directly but as you express love more fully and openly, with her are setting the stage to attract that love into your life.

She is an empowering Goddess!

Maya pyramid

Ixchel has a warrior side to her as well and she is sometimes called the Jaguar Goddess.

One can not be timid while working with her otherwise you may find her energy overpowering.

Learn all about making an altar here!

Start by lighting a candle and some incense and create a warm place for her to enter.

Be focused of mind, hold the light around you and the Maya Goddess Ixchel will be a pleasure to work with.

Tip...incantations spoken to Ixchel at night are more powerful than when expressed in daylight. Use this to your advantage.

Much Love,

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