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Dragon Energy

Has anyone else had an experience with dragon energy?

Please tell me that I'm not alone in this...

Here... let me share my experience and I would love it if you would share yours below.

Firstly, let me say that I am accustomed to "hearing" Spirit by using my Clair-audient abilities.

(Clair-audience is the ability to hear sounds beyond the range of normal hearing. Where you hear it in your mind instead of your ears.)

Yet, sometimes it can be so obvious and loud that it is hard to distinguish between hearing with my ears, (physically) or hearing with my ears (psychically).

Okay, this is my dragon energy experience...

I was soaking in the tub, reading a good book, when I heard a knock at my door.

It was loud, beyond loud (if there is such a thing) and it immediately grabbed my attention. It was so loud that probably if someone else had been present, who hadn't even yet developed there intuitive abilities... they would have heard it too.

As loud as it was, I knew that it was my Claire-audience picking it up.

I put down my book, thinking that this was interesting and I “imagined” myself stepping out of the tub.

I picturing myself grabbing a towel, wrapping myself up all snuggly and walking to the door... (yet, I was physically still laying in the tub).

I hope you're following me :)

In my mind I held a vision of me opening the door... and...

there he was.... not at all scary looking... an enormous... red dragon.

I “knew” that he was here to announce his presence in my life and that there wasn't anything to be afraid of. I just knew it. I can't explain how except... sometimes we know things into the core of our Being.

This one I knew right from that place.

Now let me interject here...I could not in any way have guessed that there was a dragon at my door.

And I know to some people this experience may sound a wee bit nutty.

I understand that and as nutty as this sounds... this was my honest dragon energy experience.

Read more about my dragon energy story...

I left the door open behind me as I turned walking back to the waiting bath. Climbing back into the warm oasis I soon felt his presence over my left shoulder.

I looked and saw  that he had stretched out his neck, about 12 feet from front door to bathroom door, and his head now filled the entire door space.

I got a sense that he was here to protect me and that this was our initial introduction, with a knowing that there would be more interactions between us to come.

Shortly after this meeting I had acquired a... um... what some would call... a stalker.

I believe that my Guides knew this before I did and brought this dragon to me for protection.

I was guided to work with the dragon (and others) to use their energy to create a safe zone. Using his dragon's breath to conceal me and my home from unwanted visitors.

I believe that his breath formed a fog-like cloud, covering my entire property, (invisible to the human eye) and creating a screen to shield me from all those who lack good intention.

I created a ceremony asking all my guides to help, and stated that only Beings with good intentions, that work with the light, may step on this property.

I've never worked with dragon energy before so this was a whole new experience and I was just along for the ride...

I can tell you that the energy was very powerful!

An update...

All is well.

The stalker has moved on and in fact I saw him in a grocery store not long ago. He looked at me funny and said "I think I know you." Yet he couldn't quite place me and that's just fine by me. :-)

I suspect that the powerful dragon energy shielded me and shifted me out of his consciousness.


Thank you dragon and your beautiful energy. You were successful in clearing my life of that unwanted attention!

He now resides in my backyard curled around my cherry tree and occasionally I catch glimpses of him... with my physical eyes, that is :)

Much love,

Ahrina Kay

The Woo Woo Diva

More Dragon Energy Has Arrived!

Here's the truth.... On a recent trip to Hawaii, unbeknownst to me, my current relationship was about to end. Yep, as you can imagine my spidey senses were tingling...

Here we are in one of the most beautiful places on earth and the complete trip felt a little "off" to me.

We spent an entire day at Pearl Harbour. Wow, what a place! The energy there was very intense and spirits kept showing up throughout the day. 

I believe that the energy is "different" at places where a great tragedy has taken place. Like there is an energetic imprint left on the site and that particular moment in time over-powers current time and can be felt by very sensitive people. Like the veil is thin in that spot where the incident occurred. Does that make sense?

During a tour of a battleship I swear I heard an explosion for only a millisecond. Yep, my instinct was to duck and cover, but I knew that it was my psychic senses picking it up.

I'm grateful for the spiritual tools I'd acquired up to that point as they gave me the ability to know the difference. That could have been embarrassing... lol!

During the week, as I felt "off" I kept checking in on myself to see if I had picked up some unwanted energy during our trip to Pearl Harbour. Yup that's me, always taking accountability in my life, though this time it wasn't me at all!

And on one of our many day trips, I just happened to look up at the sky while he was driving, and the clouds took my breath away!

There was a clear laughing dragon in the sky!!! (And no this image has not been touched up in any way)

My dragon was telling me that I was going to be okay though he was there for me. Wow!!

So I immediately knew that wasn't just my spidey senses, something really was up and I was able to relax into it, knowing I was safe because my dragon was here and I just needed to let things play out.

They did and it was all okay.

Thank you to my dragon, for keeping me safe and always watching out for me.

P.S. A bucket list trip for me in the future is to travel to the land of the dragons, Wales/England/Scotland. My soul is calling out for me to connect with the energy there and I can't wait!

I would love to hear about your dragon experiences, please share it below!

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