How To Make An Altar!

This is an easy step-by-step process. Come along as you can see how to make an altar to honor your "God or Goddess of Choice".

For me, altar's are reverent yet that doesn't mean super serious. I like to laugh and be joyful through this process. You can be as serious or as light as you like:)

So here is the table that I will be using. You don't need anything special. Whatever you have will work, an end table, dresser, bedside table, bookshelf... any flat surface will do!

Clean it off and prepare it for you to decorate :)

You have lots of options when it comes to decorating your altar. Use items you already have that have meaning for you.

Place a colourful table cloth on your table.

I have this beautiful Sari that I received from one of my spiritual teachers. This is my favorite make-shift table cover. You can use a scarf, a piece of material an actual tablecloth or whatever you like.

The purpose is jusy to make it pretty :)

When learning how to make an altar, I find it important to tune into my intuition and listen to what I am being guided to place on my sacred table.

Today I am guided to bring my Quartz cluster, lotus candle holder and my new Citrine crystals!

My Smoky Quartz wanted to come out and play!


... a dear friend of mine gave me an eagle feather which needed to be placed amongst the crystals :)

Milo wanted to be part of the fun!

I added a glass wine for an offering to the Goddess!


How To Make An Altar

Add incense and oops...I left the lighter on the table :)

You have now learned How To Make An Altar.


Have fun creating your own,

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