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Definition of Intuition

The official dictionary definition of is this; The act or faculty of knowing or sensing without the use of rational processes; immediate cognition.

My definition is this; That it is that feeling in your belly that tells you, "what is truth".

Intuition, aka your second sight, bypasses your brain.

It is that place inside of you that holds your connection and hears/knows more than your rational mind will ever comprehend.

I use the phrase, "I feel it into the core of my Being" and that is the place where your intuition resides.

That is where you know something to be true even though your brain may tell you otherwise.

Intuition is also called your "sixth sense".

We have all had that experience where a particular person just pops into your head for no reason and then the phone rings and it is them!

That is your "inner knowing".

Your intuition talking to you and you heard it :)

This is also a clear example of your intuition knowing something before your mind does.


On the subject of the definition of intuition, I have an experience to share...

I was crystal hunting one weekend...yes, crystal hunting (more like scouring the ground for "finds").

There was a big development going in on the top of a local mountain and they had to blast a lot of rock to make way for the new subdivision.

Searching My Intuition

I had heard through the rumor mill that there were Herkimer Diamond crystals all over the area. So I went on a quest to find these beautiful double pointed beauties. I had no idea where to start, so I decided to tune in (look within) and listen to the voice.

And my intuition immediately began guiding me... I felt the need to turn right, so I did... I felt the desire to walk forward, so I did.

Then I heard, so quietly in my mind that it was almost not there, like a whisper on the wind... look down, so I did!

There she was a gorgeous double terminated crystal about the size of my pinkie fingernail (the one on the bottom).

I hunted for most of the afternoon and found a handful just from listening to my intuition :)

As you can see, I've included a picture of a few of my favorites here...

Crystals I found

Just a side note... Under this topic of the definition of intuition...

It takes courage to follow your sixth sense. Others may disagree with what your gut is telling you but... soldier on, my friend... you're inner knowing will never let you down.

My second sight is my closest friend.

Thank you for joining me here in the discussion about the definition of intuition.

When I have an important decision to make I always "check in" and see "how it feels". If it feels right... I do it!

I have worked this way for years, tapping into my sixth sense, and have found that over time the connection becomes stronger.

Much love to you as you build your connection,

Ahrina (The WWD)

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