Dragon not of this earth.

by Brian
(Portland, Or, USA)

I received a connection to a Dragon during a healing session, but it took another year or so before the relationship took off.

I was riding a train into town and could feel his presence & energy building. Then right as I entered a tunnel... BOOM! There he was right in front of me, flying with me thru the earth.

It was so potent I could feel the strata of the rock flying past me. It was here that he burned a symbol into my mind to use for all kinds of things.

As the relationship grew, and I was allowed to connect to other elemental guides, I asked where these Dragons came from. They didn't feel anything like the other dragon energies & spirits I'd been around.

I was told that these Dragons had once been physical beings in another place, long ago, and had become post-physical. They have a city of light that can be visited, their hospital allows me to work on people's souls there and there are Dragon healers who will join in too.

It's simply beautiful.

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Oct 23, 2017
Love the dragons!
by: Ahrina Kay

Thank you Brian for sharing your story!I love how you have connected with the dragon energy!

With the turmoil and shifts that we are experiencing here on earth at this time it's no surprise that these amazing creatures are here to help. I find that they ground energy to ease the shifts to create some balance for us and provide a fierce ally if needed. Sometimes all we need to step up in life is to know that someone has our back and dragons definitely have our back.

I believe that dragons are the gatekeepers to the magical realms. If we create a relationship with them then other magical beings may then approach. (Which seems to be what you have experienced.) Keep doing the good work that you're doing!

Much respect,


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