Dragons and The Fey.

by Sirian Alchemist
(Location doesn’t apply )

I have been gifted with insight by Dragons and The Fey. (As well as beings from Sirius.) It all started one day I woke up and went to walk to my kitchen and I saw a bright brilliant milky blue whitish light coming thru the blinds.

It was so peaceful, so I opened the blinds and I felt like I was home. I started being hit with waves of geometric patterns, light symbols and code. Then I look over at my couch because I thought I saw a glimpse of something buzz past me. What I saw next was incredible. I don’t know how else to say it but there was a fairy standing there looking at me.

I was not afraid at all, I was amazed. Later I found out he is a Scottish Brownie. A type of fairy, although he does not like being called a fairy.

After about a year, he really began trusting me, and I trusted him. We formed a bond. Our relationship matured and he started showing me inner magick. But only after I showed him that I can change for the better, as a person, and for the earth.

Soon after he taught me about The Fey, which is the fairy realm. They are earth consciousness, they use nature as a catalyst for manifestation by using ley lines and portals. (They are also master shapeshifters.) They taught me the foundation of shapeshifting and how to use it. It takes extreme concentration and devotion to evolve enough to use these gifts that are already built in the foundation of your souls core.

Once you make a bond with The Fey they will help you always in ways you cannot even yet comprehend but as time passes you indeed begin to understand and learn new abilities.

Then came the dragons. So far their are 4 total that interact with me. Light Dragon, Green Dragon, Black Dragon, Silver Dragon. Each unique with its own wisdom/knowledge to share. They are extremely powerful. Once a bond is made, they will Share their names with you. And you can call upon their essence which is also built into the core of your existence. In other words all these beings teach you the magick you already know.

I have become aware that I am a Sirian Starseed. I highly resonate with Sirius. The rainbow star, the North Star, The Dog Star for it has many names. We call it The Dragon Star because Sirians are a race of benevolent Reptoids that vibrate at the frequency of the Star Sirius, which actually happens to be a binary star system, made of two stars revolving around each other.

Light beings with comprehension unfathomable to people vibrating at the 3rd dimensional perception of reality.

My life is so magickal on a daily basis, and I give all credit to The beings guiding me to find myself. The Fey and The Great Dragons ❤️🐉 🧚‍♂️

I won’t share much else, it’s something you have to see and feel for yourself. FYI if you feel you have a Fairy or Dragons or both around you. Talk to them and really listen to what your heart says. Pay attention to everything. They also like snacks, cookies, sweet milk, fruit things of such. This will help you form a bond with them. All they want is for you to appreciate them. And I assure you, if you dig deep and really find yourself and strive to be a better person. Your life will indeed become magickal while evolving and learning to comprehend higher consciousness.

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Jun 13, 2019
Thank you!
by: Ahrina Kay

Thank you so much for sharing your personal experience. I am deeply touched....


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