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The Energy Mastery Project:
an upgrade for body, soul and life!

What if you could control the people, places and events you attract into your life?

And what would it look like to live life "in the flow"  every day?

Did you know that your energetic body is far larger than your physical body, which houses only a fraction of who we are... and then how would that effect your life when you clear all that energy around you?

Have you ever experienced consecutive, lower vibrational experiences showing up for no apparent reason?

Like tying up your running shoes and a lace breaks... then heading out the door you slam your leg against the counter... then as you turn to lock your door the keys fall out of your hands and through the slats in the deck down to the dreaded spider infested "under the deck area" that no human is supposed to enter.

You get what I mean. A series of irritating experiences show up. For what seems like no reason...

Honestly, I've had it happen. We've all had it happen!

And that's what we're going to explore!

So, why do you think that occurs? I'll tell you my theory... as we go through life our energy becomes dirty.There's no blame here. It's just like walking down the street and the bottom of shoe  becomes ditry... less white. our energetic body travels with us through  experiences and over time is less white.

And we gather other peoples energy into our space through emotional connection (negative or positive). Past lovers, friends, trauma, etc...

They can not only leave a mark on our hearts but also some energetic debris behind, (that we had unconsciously gathered, for a multitude of reasons).

And holding on to old, emotional baggage clogs up our energetic system... Yuck!

When we vibrate at a lower level (due to this accumulation of old,  stuck energy), we attract to us experiences that vibrate at that same level!

Like attracts like!

I don't know about you but I decided early on that I didn't want to be a victim of my energetic state anymore!

And this is what I discovered...

Just like we jump in a shower to clean our physical bodies, our energetic bodies need care too.

And I like mine all sparkly, clean and clear.

Would you like to go through life in the flow? Attracting amazing people and experiences to you?

Look this doesn't mean that you won't experience low vibrational challenges ever again. I wish! But it does give you the tools and awareness to change it the minute you see it!

I know I love living life like that. Now, it doesn't mean that life is perfect but... you certainly are in control of changing any situation by mastering your energetic state.

Isn't that cool?

Would you like to learn these skills to clean your energy, raise your vibration and attract awesome experiences into you life?

Okay, my Woo Woo friend. If you're a "Seeker" like me then you're working on becoming the best version of yourself...

And today I've got the first step in...

And that is.... drum roll please...

Energy Mastery: An upgrade for body soul and life!

This is the place to learn to become a master of your own energy and is the foundational training for all the other projects to come!

Discover how to clear your energy in numerous different ways (and sometimes we need that... a different way I mean... and to bring out the big guns, so to speak and power wash out our energetic system... and sometimes we just need a smaller tweak and we're all good).

Learn step-by-step how to "run" your energy.

How to alter your energetic state using color.

Discover your chakra energy systems and how they can work for you! And so much More!

I open my personal spiritual toolbox and share my tools with you!

With a series of simple techniques you will be able to tune up your energy system and raise your vibration. And that's a good thing!

How empowering is that?

I love it!

I know you're going to love this. How do I know that? Frankly, who wouldn't love to feel more connected and in control of their life?

Take back your power by mastering your energy today!

Are you ready to take this step? Then click the button and begin this journey with me.

That's right. Click the button above and you'll gain access to my personal spiritual toolbox and join me as we deep dive into all things energy!!!

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