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Finding Out What Dreams Mean!

Are you compelled by this notion?

Do you wake up in the morning feeling haunted by the visions you just experienced?

I regularly wake up and begin the decoding process. Sometimes it's easy for me to understand... and other times it is more challenging.

There may be a specific message coming to you during your altered state of consciousness, as your dreams are guiding you through life in a process that is similar to how your intuition works, while you are awake, except... you aren't.

(insert giggle here please!)


Now your thinking... what?! I had this crazy experience about a castle and flying monkey's (etc...).

What does it all mean??

Unless your name is Dorothy and you found yourself in the land of Oz, I would have to say that my first question for you would be... what does it feel like?

Were you afraid, intrigued or possibly feeling this was hilarious?

What was the tone?

Was it uplifting, dark and mysterious or was it annoying and/or frustrating?

These questions are just a start to finding out what dreams mean.

Let's look at those flying monkeys again.

What do they mean to you? Yup it's a simple question... well simple for starters anyway.

There are many books available to specifically find out what a flying monkey means... the truth is that a flying monkey will mean something different to me... than to you. And since the dream was seen by you and relates to you, ultimately your opinion on how it "felt" is quite important.

Once you have figured out the tone of your dream, or I could say "the feel" of it, you have set the stage for unraveling the rest.

Super Tip...

Someone once told me that if you buy a dream interpretation book that you should only own one, as Spirit will use it to give you messages that you are able to decode using that book.

(Having 2 books can make this process quite difficult as they may have conflicting information.)

Oh the world of psychic information and dream interpretation (or finding out what dreams mean), it isn't really an exact science and is open to... well... interpretation :)

Much Love,

Ahrina Kay


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