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The Greek Goddess Eos

She is known as "The Goddess of the Dawn". What does that mean exactly?

Well it has been said that, "Eos rose up into the sky, at the start of each day, and with her rosy fingers as rays of light, dispersed the mists of night".

Also, in the mythology, it is claimed that the morning dew is her tears. Those tears that she shed for her unrequited love for Orion.

After all, she also is the Goddess of passion and desire ;-)

That deep longing is a power house of energy that she can unleash to assist you.

(Intense longing lives deep in the core of your Being. So deep that this power comes direct from your soul. That kind of power is astronomically powerful!)

Greek Goddess Eos

Her weakness though is her insatiable desire for young men, which makes her the first "cougar"....I guess :)

Let me digress for a moment...

... spirituality seems to be so serious. The truth is, when you are silly, you raise your vibration. Easy as that!

I recommend trying to be silly at least once a day!

Now...where was I? Oh right...Eos.

Greek Goddess Eos Hope and new Beginnings

The power in that longing, is that she carries the energy of "hope" (hope for a better life, hope for a new love...) and this is the power we can tap into as we work with her.

When you require some support in this area call on Eos to bring in the light, just as she brings in the light of dawn, she can bring in the light to your life.

Eos' power of hope is closely tied to new beginnings. If it is time for a big change in your life and you need to amp up the manifestation power, call on this Goddess to "turn up" the energy around that. She will quickly come to your side and build up the energy, like a personal vortex of power.... all to create a new vibrant life.

It is a pleasure working with Eos. My results have been quick and powerful and I wish you the same.

Much Love,

The Woo Woo Diva

"May the light of the Goddesses shine from within and light your path on your journey"

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