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Guiding Angel Gabriel

by John

Angels everywhere!

Angels everywhere!

Some years ago, every now and then while I was driving, I would have a feeling that someone was holding my forearms.

It was like gentle hands holding, just below my elbows. It wasn't disturbing or alarming at all. But I had this slight pressure like my arms were being guided.

A few years ago I was explaining this to a friend, who is quite spiritual. She informed me that it would have been my Guardian Angel.

I was a bit taken aback. I have since found out that Gabriel is that Angel.

It now all makes sense. The star sign, adoption , water and the moon. I strongly believe in Gabriel as my Guardian Angel.

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Jul 03, 2016

by: Ahrina Kay

Thank you John...

This is a great story of how angels (specifically for you, Archangel Gabriel) affect us in our daily lives.

I have made it a habit to ask for angelic help in all ways and I feel them near me as you do.

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