I honor my dragon, so don't talk about him much...

by Jayme
(NJ, US)

Several years ago, I was trying to discover my totem animal (which I have since done, and they change constantly), but I got SO frustrated during this process.

I have always loved reptiles, particularly lizards and even as a child would stare at the dragon sculptures in stores. So,I decided to "use my imagination," instead of waiting for answers. I decided that I wanted the strongest, most noble friend imaginable to work with me. As I was falling asleep, I imagined the deep, heavy breathing of this creature, he was relaxing as I fell asleep, but there to keep me safe through the night.

Things went quickly from there. My guardian dragon is black, maybe 8 feet tall or so when standing, but I only sense him standing behind me when I need to calm down or feel sturdy/confident.

He has shown me and (sort of) introduced me to many others of various sizes and colors and with different abilities. Some seemed interested in me, others didn't care too much. These beings, whatever they are, have assisted me greatly, and when someone I love is in trouble I now say, "hold on, I'll send: a dragon..." The image pops into my mind, and it works very well, whether they believe in it or not. One thing I can say is that these are OLD energies who deserve respect. They have so much dignity, and honor, I am grateful to know they exist. (For the record, I do not use my physical senses with the dragons. I am an intuitive and empath, and I see them in my mind's eye. Dragons don't expect everyone to be full-blown psychic, just open and respectful).

Thank you for your story!

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