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Lucid Dreaming Techniques

I read somewhere...

... that your last vibration you achieve before you die will directly effect where you go on the "other side". That may sound gruesome but....

... if this is true... and if I pass on in my sleep...

... I want to make sure that the last thing I do before I turn my light out is to read something spiritual, something uplifting to my soul, to set my vibration high... just in case ;)

I believe that this has affected my lucid dreaming ability. I seem to do it more often now that I've incorporated this "vibrational tune up" into my nightly ritual.

It's a lucid dreaming technique that works for me :)

A Higher Vibration = Easier Lucid Dreaming

What a powerful discovery.

When I was a child, I had an almost obsessive fascination with horses. I craved spending time with them (riding, grooming, dreaming of or just sitting in the presence of them). I wasn't picky, my attraction was so strong that any horse would do in an scenario.

Such was my desire that I would even "day dream" about horses before falling asleep .

You know that saying, "our thoughts create our reality", well apparently that is also true for creating our dream experience.

As a little girl I found out that I would dream about horses on those evenings that I experienced a horsey daydream or active visualization prior to falling asleep.

What does that mean?

Well the last thing you think about, is what you may experience in "dreamland". Let's be clear though... just like when we actively create our reality, there needs to be intense visualization not just willy nilly having a brief thought.... the thought must be energized!

Creating the intention is part of the lucid dreaming process.

Now this didn't always come to fruition as a child but as an adult, once I added the other step of raising my vibration, it has now become a common occurrence for me to control aspects of my sleeping visions, sometimes even the subject matter.

I hope you found these lucid dreaming techniques helpful.

Experiment with raising your vibration and creating focused visualizations, as this has been my successful formula.

I love the adventures that I have in the dream state!

See you there!

Much love,

Ahrina Kay


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