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Medusa, Greek Goddess...

Was she beautiful or ugly? Mortal or Gorgon?

There are many stories of her legend, which has brought her an immortality of sorts.

An array of different descriptions pertain to this powerful Greek Goddess, Medusa.

Ranging from beauty so extreme that Athena was jealous and turned her hideously ugly so that no man would look lovingly on her.... being born a grotesque mean Gorgon, angry at the world and woe to those who feel her wrath!

Alas, you cannot believe all that you hear...

or maybe you can 


So what is there to believe then about Medusa Greek Goddess?

Well...a woman scorned makes for a formidable foe. Wouldn't you agree?

There is that jealous monster inside of all of us that can be ugly beyond words, when push comes to shove.

Turn men to stone though?


...but most likely only hardened their heart through disappointment and despair for seeing another side of the woman they had put on a pedestal and so dearly loved.


Medusa beautiful

Maybe Medusa was born a Gorgon...

Whose body was lizard-like and hair made up of all venomous snakes. Maybe she was like an She-Devil, as some stories would have you believe.

I believe she was a vain beautiful woman who suffered the wrath of a Goddess and proceeded to live out her life becoming the opposite of what she was initially..... Ugly and raging with anger.

To be taught a lesson? Possibly...more likely to be an example for others.

The time of Greek Gods and Goddesses was interesting to say the least!

So how can Medusa assist us today? Well let's look at her good qualities....hmmm.....

I'm looking.....

still nothing there...

Just kidding :))

Medusa drawing

Okay, good qualities here we go... she stood up to a Goddess.

Yes, she paid the price but... she had courage to stand up and speak her truth. Truth speaking caused her to be, and feel, powerful (sometimes we all need a bit of that).

So call on Medusa for times when strength is needed and righteous anger must be wielded. Her venom can be nasty, so control is required when using her assistance. This is not for the feint of heart my friends. It's easy to become consumed by such a powerful energy such as anger. Wield it wisely!

Also, she is the Goddess to call on when there is a need to look at one's past and decipher a misconception that one is still living. In other words, when a patterned behavior is no longer working for you... call on Medusa, Greek Goddess, to search out an release it.

I do hope you enjoy working with Medusa, Greek Goddess!

Much love,

The Woo Woo Diva

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