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Merlin and Dragons

by Katie-Jane wright
(U.K. )

I loved reading this. I am fully emerged in dragon energy. What a wonderful ally you have! And that cloud!! Amazing!! It's so powerful. I have had 2 brought to me recently and see them regularly flying in the sky particularly in Glastonbury when I go :) over the chalice well. I think they are really stepping up their presence on earth at this time.

I channel Merlin a lot and he brought them to me to work with. I now often ride them through vortex's to heal the grids around earth while light portals are opening. It's all a crazy fun ride. I'm just figuring out how to incorporate them into my healing sessions. As my dragons give me healing regularly and I want to share that with others as it's addictive! Hope you have had more adventures since posting this! Much love sister x

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Jun 13, 2019
by: Ahrina Kay

Hi Katie,

Thank you for your story. Love it! Yes, I've had more ongoing experiences and haven't yet had the opportunity to write about them... soon I hope.

Much love to you!


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