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Nike, Greek Goddess...

... is known as the "Winged Goddess of Victory".

She is often depicted hovering with outspread wings over a victor in competition.

Nike Greek Goddess

In fact, her image is represented on the medals of the Summer Olympic Games.

Call on Nike, Greek Goddess for...

... strength, speed and victory. That is truly her calling card. She can help with all competitive events. Whether they be sporting, job related or of the heart. Anywhere in your life where you are perceiving a competition, Nike can help.

Get grounded, light a candle and call in Nike to assist you. She is easy to work with and it's a pleasure to sit in her energy. The color rose pink is what she vibrates to and rose quartz is her stone of choice. Place a rose quartz crystal on the altar and light rose scented incense to attract her to you.

When you work with any of the Goddesses...

... please do so with the utmost respect and you are then guaranteed a positive relationship with them.

A few of the Goddesses can be more challenging to work with as it requires intense focus so as not be affected by their weaknesses or shall I say, lower vibrational aspects

(Yes, even the Goddesses have both ends of the spectrum. We would like to focus on those aspects that are the higher vibrations).

Being loving, authentic and open-hearted will bring you into alignment with these vibrations. This will then create experiences with these Goddesses that will be a blessing in your life :)

Good luck as you discover your "Woo Woo" side. The journey is interesting, to say the least, and so rewarding!

Much Love,

The Woo Woo Diva

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