Spirituality and Relationships;

Mastering your personal power source to propel yourself forward, in the
"New Age, Self-Help" way.

What if you had an unlimited personal power source at your disposal?

And you could access this energy anytime you desire by channeling it to create manifestations, endurance, abundance etc...

And what if the key to that energy source is the loving personal relationships you are already surrounded with?? I am talking about spirituality and relationships, and that web of light we create unconsciously or consciously.

I am here today to tell you that this is all true! Your personal relationships are your power source and like a battery they will amp you up energetically to move you forward through life.

Yet, have you been giving time to a relationship that isn't supplying battery power to your grid? Are they sucking energy out? Now is the time to evaluate all your personal relationships and decided where they fall on your grid.

Let me explain...

If your energy looked like a spider web...

... with you in the middle.

The pink dots represent your network of personal relationships on your web (with the closest ones being the most powerful)... who is sitting in your web? And who is holding the most powerful positions?

This is important because if they are an energy source and aren't providing you with what you require, you may have to move them to a farther placement on your web or remove them altogether.

This is how we affect each other.

And conversely, where do you fall on your friends grids? Are you providing that friend with the support they require? Do you need to step up or remove yourself altogether?

And what about your love relationship?

Now that's a good question. Where does your partner fall on your grid? Is he or she supportive? Do they lift you up? Or... do they drag you down? Hmm.... that sure gets one thinking...

Stay tuned.... More information to come!!!

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