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The Enchanted Map Oracle Cards

You are about to be included in my personal reading...

... using the "The Enchanted Map" oracle Cards!


For those of you who have never done a reading before, the first thing I must share is that readings are very easy to do.

I start by tuning into my intuition and asking my Guides to show me how many cards are required for this reading.

I listen carefully for that little voice.... most often I am given the information in a vision of how the spread of cards will look.

I ask for the reading to be for the highest good of all concerned and as I shuffle I ask "what do you wish me to know?". (That is unless I have a specific question that I want some guidance on. If that is the case then I fill my mind with that question.)

As you can see, this is a 6 card spread!

I have never done a reading with this many cards before. Oh...fun! I can't wait to find out what Spirit has to say!

The first three cards...

... represent the past, present and possible future, respectively.

The Listening card is in the past position, "You listened with your heart and not just your ears." Yes, I have been on this journey of being present and hearing beyond what is being said. Mainly because I am always listening for signs from Spirit.

Magic Stream in the present, "Everything is connected through the universal flow of consciousness. When you remember you are part of the fluidity of life you become a channel." I like that. I will allow the magic to flow through me!

Unexpected Visitors in the possible future position, "If you expect the unexpected you will be prepared for miracles." Looks like there may be surprises around the corner!

Are we having fun yet?

Remember, you can do this too!

Jena Dellagrottaglia Artist

The next 2 cards;

Into The Unknown, in the position of resistance. This card is about trust and I do not do so very easily. I could say that there is some resistance around it.


The Dry Desert, in the assistance position. You are being required to conserve your energy until you reach the oasis you're searching for. Wow! I have felt fatigued lately and been wanting to rest feeling like there isn't enough energy. Now I know why.

 Jena Dellagrottaglia Artist

I hope you enjoyed coming along for the ride in my reading... and it was my pleasure to share this with you.

Thank you for joining me.

Much love,

The Woo Woo Diva

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