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Welcome and congratulations for taking this step to answer the question...

"Who is my Spirit Guide?"

It's time to go on a guided meditation to discover your Spirit Guide(s).

Please get comfortable and in a seated position...

The meditation begins now...

Picture vibrant white light entering into your body through your crown chakra. See the white light filling you up as it travels downwards."

(I find it it helpful to state, "it fills up every cell and every space between the cells with this vibrant white light". Quantum physics has shown us that we are mostly space.)

"Your head is now completely full of this white light and it travels down your torso with a third of the energy branching off and down each arm.

Feel it as it clears out any dirtier/heavier energy and only leaves white light in it's place.

The energy exits your arms out your hand chakras while your body continues to fill up with light.

Now that your torso is full, the light travels down each leg and out your feet, deep into mother earth. Trust that she will transmute any unwanted energy as you actively raise your vibration and release the old. Know that you are safe, held in her loving arms.

Now that you have cleared your energy it is time to protect and Mother Earth will now begin infusing through your feet her loving healing energy of golden hues. This energy rises up your legs until it reaches your belly where it mixes with the white light that has entered your crown. This energy swirls in your belly as it lovingly mixes together. Feel it then rise up the front of your torso until this mixed energy spills out of your crown chakra and falls around you like a golden white shower of light. This bubble that it creates is your protection.

I now want you to picture a white set of marble stairs in front of you.

Marble Staircase

See your self standing up and taking each step intentionally.

Step 1... feel the cool marble on your bare feet.

Step 2... place your entire foot on the surface of the stair as you step.

Step 3... breathing consciously.

Step 4... getting closer to the top.

Step 5... feel your self becoming lighter.

Step 6... breathing in and breathing out.

Step 7... noticing a white ornate door at the top.

Step 8... with each step you become lighter.

Step 9... breathing in and breathing out.

Step 10... beginning to feel friendly energies around you.

Step 11... feeling supported.

Step 12... your are at the top and the door is directly in front of you.

Who is My Spirit Guide

See your hand reach out and firmly grasp the knob. You notice how easily the door swings open. Through the open door you see a large garden with a round fountain in the middle surrounded by benches. Step through the door way and walk to the bench, sitting down where ever you like.

Get comfortable, close your eyes and slowly take in and release three deep breaths.

1... breathe in... breathe out.

2... breathe in... breath out.

3... breath in... breath out.

When you are ready, open your eyes and look to your right.

Who has come to sit next to you?

Ask them who they are. Do they have a name? Will they share it at this time?

Ask them if they have a message for you.

(One thing I like to ask is, "is there anything I need to know right now?")

When you are done your conversation, thank them and leave out the door you came in... back down the steps one at a time, feeling again the marble under your feet with each step.

12... the marble is cool under your feet.

11... feel your toes touch the stair first, rolling to your heal.

10... know that you are supported.

9... allow each step to bring you closer to consciousness.

8... feel grounded to Mother Earth.

7... Feel the complete area of your foot touching the stair.

6... begin to feel your body.

5... breathing as you walk.

4... beginning to feel solid in your body.

3... breathing in light and breathing out light.

2... be fully present in your body.

1... You have reached the bottom of the steps...

when you are ready.... open your eyes.

˙·٠•●♥ Ƹ̵̡Ӝ̵̨̄Ʒ ♥●•٠·˙

Write down any details that you remember and know that you can come back anytime.

I hope that your question was answered, "Who Is my Spirit Guide?" and that you have enjoyed contacting your spirit guide.

Sometimes we receive information the first time and sometimes it may take several journeys to even begin the conversation, it is different for everyone.

Know that you are loved beyond measure by your entire spiritual team :)

Much Love,

Ahrina - The Woo Woo Diva

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