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Wisdom Of Avalon Oracle Cards

Lets start with the artwork by Gary A Lippincott. I feel this is the most beautiful deck, out of all the oracle cards, by anybody out there. Hands down... gorgeous!

I love artwork that invokes a feeling and theses pictures speak to my soul.

It was the picture on the box (the Lady of the Lake) that first took my breath away and drew me to this deck.

Like other decks, this one comes with a helpful guidebook to interpret the cards.

Below is a sample 3 card reading; These cards represent the past, present and possible future.

My system is a little different than others...

Instead of cutting the deck to choose my cards...

I shuffle the deck until a card falls out.

The first card to fall out...

... and be placed in the position of the past is "Forgiveness".

This one is called a "sacred marker" card and is about searching your heart for unresolved resentment/anger.

This all makes complete sense to me.

Like a lot of us, I have had people to forgive in my past... which I have been actively working on, so the "Forgiveness" card fits with current circumstances.

I shuffle again...

... and the second card to fall out and be placed in the position of the present is "The Earth Faery". Pay attention to your health, she says.

"The Earth Faery" is about physical health, grounding and foundations.

I have switched jobs recently (building a new foundation), I am taking actions that connect me to Mother Earth and I joined a gym 3 weeks ago... because it was time.

This card makes so much sense for me right now!

One more shuffle...

... and the third card to fall out and be placed in the position of possible future (possible because it is ever-changing by our thoughts and actions) is "The Dog".

Oh the dog....well...

This speaks of loyalty, sincerity, unconditional love. All of these can be in my possible future. It also talks about leadership and community. Very interesting.

I look forward to seeing how that manifests!

*Update... Funny enough I have a rescue dog now that looks so much like the image on this card. Was spirit trying to tell me that? Maybe. This has served as a reminder to me that there is room for interpretation when it comes to card readings (all reading really).

I love the Wisdom of Avalon Oracle Cards. All the characters from that magical time and more are represented in this deck.

If you feel a pull towards the Avalon or King Arthur story... then these cards are for you!

Thank you Collette Baron-Reid, Spiritual Intuitive, for creating this deck with your amazing gifts.

This deck is at the top of my list!

Much love,

The Woo Woo Diva

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