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by Lily pepa

"Yesterday, I was was riding my horse through the bush and I saw a wolf. My horse was startled and ran off, causing me to fall. I couldn't get up, so I'm stuck there on the ground and the wolf came up to me. He sniffed me and began licking me! Then suddenly it ran off leaving me lay there until some bush walkers came by."

Lily Pepa, Texas

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May 20, 2015

by: Ahrina Kay

Wow Lily! That's a fantastic experience!

You are so blessed to have had direct physical contact with your animal totem! Talk about a magical moment, my friend. I can only imagine how this will effect you moving forward in your life.

Sometimes those magical moments aren't as obvious as that and can only be seen in retrospect, not yours!

I live my life in search of magical moments and I think that when you open to and are looking for them, they show up often. That has been my experience! :)

Here's to magical moments and spiritual connection!

(The Woo Woo Diva)

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