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All About Zadkiel Archangel...

Zadkiel Archangel assists with letting go of judgements and any left-over unforgiving that needs to be taken care of.

"Righteousness of God"

He is known as the "Angel of Mercy & Benevolence". With his help him you can gain emotional freedom through tolerance and forgiveness.

Forgiveness is the key to releasing all Karmic debt. A daily forgiveness practice along with invoking this powerful Archangel can lighten your load and create a greater flow within your life.

Thank you Glenyss for the loan of the pic :)

As I have mentioned, Zadkiel Archangel helps us in healing our emotional wounds. That bears repeating!

And....Yes, for real!

We all got 'em... unhealed emotional trauma just waiting for someone to "poke the bear"!

Just imagine what this world would be like.... going through each day, having interactions with one another from a truly authentic place.... and not from a reactionary, you've-just-pushed-my-button kind of place.

I can imagine it, can you?

As I heal.... you heal, and as you heal.... I heal. We are all connected.

This is why it is important for each of us to heal and grow on our spiritual path.

2 paths.. call on archangel zadkiel to discover your path

Zadkiel supports us to find the strength and wisdom to follow our life path. This Divine Archangel assists in letting go of negativity, which in essence renews the mind, transforming fear to love, and helps us to sit in gratitude.

Through this process we can become clear to see and follow our unique path.

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