Climb board!!!

by Alyssa Jung

I have OBE's fairly regularly though I'm not usually aware beforehand that I will experience one. Sometimes during a nap, sometimes during night sleep.

I recognize the semi-conscious feeling, I recognize the room from my third eye view of the room (sometimes I wonder why the furniture is on it's side until it clicks that I'm experiencing an astral-projection)

I begin experimenting by moving my limbs, trying to move objects that are within my grasp. Today I experienced one during a nap. I was fully aware of what was happening and tried to project my energy to a different physical location without success. I felt my energy surging in the direction I intended, perhaps with practise...

When I try to move my limbs they feel very, very heavy. Usually I cannot get "up", I feel tethered to my body. My spirit wants to fly but I cannot.

I had an OBE in a night sleep a few days ago where I was flying over beautiful landscapes. I even saw my kids below, each in their own hot air balloons heading home. I was aware of my out of body state and just prior to waking I felt myself climb back into my body. I saw the room from above, and stepped into my body like a child quickly getting back into bed on Christmas eve when a parent is approaching the door...

I'd love to have some tips for creating these experiences on purpose and having more control during.


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Nov 16, 2012
Wow....very interesting!
by: The Woo Woo Diva

Thank you Alyssa :)

I love hearing other peoples experiences with the "Woo Woo".
*giggle* I like how you re-enter your body after an adventure. I am slammed back into mine, and that's exactly what it feels like too, it's quite startling, but worth the adventure.

Here is a link for some techniques to induce an astral projection or a lucid dreaming experience

I'd love to hear more...come back often please and share your experiences. Hopefully you will inspire others to be open to having there own adventures :)

Much Love

The Woo Woo Diva

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