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Well, this is a fun topic!
And do I have an experience to share with you?!

First I'd like to talk about Lucid Dreaming and the differences between the two practices.

Lucid dreaming is an experience that is contained inside your mind where you can control some aspects of this dream. You may find that you can control characters, scenery, plot lines etc... or something as simple as what you are wearing.

I get really excited when I realize I am dreaming and I now have some control over the occurrence!

While Astral-Projection or OBE (which is Out of Body) practices (different names but meaning the same thing)...

... take place outside of your mind.

You actually are somewhere else (separate from your body) and you can not control other circumstances and people around you.

Clear like mud, right?

Well, how about this...

Lucid Dreaming is in your mind/imagination and astral Projection (or OBE) is outside of you... elsewhere.

Ooooh! My latest Astral travel (OBE, Astral-Projection) occurrence;

"Cue scary music....  ♪♫♫♪"

I was in a yard, a back yard to be exact, with the back of my body pressed flat against a chain link fence. If I could push back further I would. The scene before me filling my guts with intense fear!


I was facing a white, 70's looking house, which was about 30 feet away.

I had to get from the fence to the house, sounds easy right? Wrong!

The yard was covered with layer after layer of spider webs!

I have never liked spiders! No, cancel that, I have always harbored a fear.... a deep seated fear of these eight legged creatures! Yikes!!

The webs were placed throughout the yard (I assumed hanging down from the trees) filling the yard completely. I didn't have anything available to me like a stick or broom, to move them out of the way.

They were layered, staggered like each web holding it's own unique builder.

I decided to make a go of it.

I was able to just slip around a web that occupied a large, black and white zebra striped, spider.... about the size of a dinner plate!

My heart was racing as my face came too close to this crazy looking thing!

I twisted my body and made it past another web that housed a creature about the size of my hand that seemed to be mostly pink. I was getting closer to the house...I turned sideways to barely make it past the brown spider's web...ewww....he was hairy.

As I began to move past web number four I felt an instant tug in my back... and I am yanked backwards through the air, without warning.

It is only at this point that I realize I am involved in an Astral Projection....I can feel the webs like fine hair brushing against my bare arms as I am forcibly pulled back through their maze.

With a thump, I land back in my body (and in my bed). I landed hard, waking up with my heart beating rapidly.

Looking at the clock, I see it's still the middle of the night and my body quickly begins calming down allowing me to return to sleep. Being so sleepy I only have a vague notion, in this moment, that I was just in an Astral Projection.

I woke up in the morning to discover on the back of my leg, on the underside of my knee, is a huge, hard lump that I can only assume was a spider bite! And then I remembered the whole experience! Every second of that Astral Projection came back to me! Holy cow!!

Yes, a BIG spider bite!

It was hot... yes hot... for 3 days! And it hurt for close to a week before it slowly disappeared!


I still shake my head at that experience!

That was definitely an Astral-Projection with a whole lotta "Woo Woo" tied in for good measure :))

Tag... your it! Now it's your turn to share your Astral-Projection adventure.... Please share it with the readers below :)

Much love (and anticipation),

Ahrina Kay

The Woo Woo Diva

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