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Free Chakra Healing


If you are here, it is because you are meant to be here.

And therefor there is something here specifically for you on this page. That is how I go through my life, truly it is. Always looking for the message.

If you are in need of a visual tool... click here for a diagram page where you can see where each energy center is located and the colours associated.

If you are not sure which area needs work... here is an in depth description of each along with an explanation about what you may be experiencing if you are blocked or unbalanced in this area.

Free Chakra Healing!

Goddess Light

Close your eyes and bring in white light into your body through your crown chakra. With every breath you take your body becomes filled with white light. I actually say, "fill my body with beautiful healing white light. Fill every cell and every space between the cells."

When every cell is filled with light, you can then have it continue out your feet into Mother Earth.

Now take a moment to focus on each chakra separately.

Picture each cone shaped wheel of light spinning. Picture it spinning first in one direction...and then in the other.

Can you feel it? What does it feel like? Maybe it feels tingly in that area or maybe it feels like some pressure against that part of your body.

Infuse each chakra with the matching colour (colour chart here).

See the colour as translucent and brilliant! How does that feel?

Finish the healing off by visualizing white light coming in from the top of your head and shining out of each Chakra, as it travels down your body and exits through the root chakra.

You just experienced a free chakra healing meditation :)

How exciting!

Learning how to open your energy centers is empowering and if you practice this daily, over time, your chakras will become clear and strong!

This is a valuable skill for achieving and maintaining optimum health.

You may wish to spend more time with the chakras that you identified as being unbalanced from the chakra definitions page and perform a daily chakra cleaning.

Or you may just choose to spend time where you are guided to (and that's using your intuition).

I wish you much love,

Ahrina Kay


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