Over the bridge and through the meadow

by Alyssa Jung

I wish I had a log of all the ones I've had, especially this year with all the shift going on. I have written some down. Some are sexual in nature, where from outside my body I put sexual healing energy on myself. Those can actually be orgasmic or simply therapeutic in nature.

One that stands out for me right now was during an afternoon nap in my bedroom. I thought I was dreaming at first, I was viewing the room from a perspective other than my eyes. The mirror on my closet door, the suana... I wondered why on earth they were on the floor. This happens regularly, I realize at that point that I'm travelling and I can see the room from the top of my head, crown or third eye chakra.

Here's where it got interesting.... my boyfriend lives with his teenage daughter in the basement suite of my house...yes, I am a genius.... ;) and we had not had too much intimate time this particular week so I was craving it. In my awareness of what was happening, I began to travel downward, using the 'sauna-floor' as a set of steps. I found my boyfriend and we began making love.

I called him and told him about it later but before I told him the whole story, he told me he had a little rest that afternoon and had an erotic dream about me. Turns out it was at the same time.... Virtual sex? I'll have s'more please. xoxo

Dream on,
Alyssa Jung

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Dec 27, 2012
I'll Have What She's Having!
by: The Woo Woo Diva

Thank you Alyssa for sharing your experience. Wow!
Love it!

My experiences aren't nearly as much fun and seem to be more "adventuresome" than "pleasuresome" :))

I am now ordering myself one of those, "universe are you hearing me??"

Thank you for the inspiration!

Much Love,
The Woo Woo Diva

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