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The wolf spirit guide protects me on my journey!

Wolf Spirit Guide
He guides with intelligence and his keen sense of smell leads the way.

Ted Andrews in "Animal Speak", describes wolves as, "representing guardianship, ritual, loyalty and spirit. They teach you to know who you are, to take control of your life and they help us to understand that true freedom requires discipline."

If the wolf has shown up for you, how do the above characteristics appear in your life?

Wolf energy is powerful and can not be ignored.

I am excited for you if the wolf has joined you!

Here is my personal experience with a wolf spirit guide...

My two wolves showed up when I was taken on a vision quest in a drum circle;

Looking straight ahead I could see the path crest over a small hill. I had no sense of what was on the other side. The wooded area crowded, into and on, the small trail, almost claiming it back. Creating with it a sense of urgency that this path might not be visible for long.

My right hand was in something soft... I looked down to see a large black wolf sitting quietly beside me...my hand curled gently into the fur on his head.

His white and grey brother was 10 feet ahead, half way up the hill, leading the way. Huh..funny I didn't see him before, I thought. I sensed in him impatience as he stood there looking at me, willing us to follow him.

Black wolf and I began to walk. He stayed by my side matching me step for step. His majestic air encompassed us. He felt like a King!

White Wolf

We were reaching the crest, White had already disappeared over the top and was no longer in sight. King looked at me and followed White.

I crested the hill alone and the scene awaiting me was a spit of land, with a rocky pebble beach. King and White were sitting on the edge of the ocean looking out at the calm waters. Not a ripple in site. The sun was just partially rising as a warm spring day was beginning.

I walked to White and King at the ocean's edge. His coat was like a magnet to me and I automatically reached down to entwine my fingers in King's lush fur. This pattern felt old in nature, that I had known him and done this for a very long time. He looked back at the trail and I followed his line of sight.

Read on for more of my Wolf Spirit Guide adventure...

The trail entrance was only 20 feet from the waters edge and there was a still, unmoving, hummingbird sitting on a low branch...observing us.

A silent signal passed between them and the bird took to flight. His path was straight and true, right to me, above me to be exact.

He then fluttered all above me and a dust fell on my skin. As I watched, it absorbed directly into my skin, it did not stay on the surface. It became a part of me and I began glowing. I radiated a golden glow from inside my body. This glow was beautiful and I instinctively knew it was a protection, but for what?

The hummingbird flew away and King turned to the ocean, looking....searching....

Then I saw it.... a dorsal fin broke the surface, followed by another, and another.

Orca Family

Three orca were approaching the shore. This is what we came for. I knew this into the core of my Being. I undressed and entered the water. Leaving my Wolf Spirit Guides to wait my return. The cold did not penetrate the powerful glow under my skin. I walked in up to my waist then I swam to meet my Orca guides.

I swam up to the closest and reached out to grab it's dorsal fin, cause it felt right. I looked back at my wolves and then we dove immediately. The golden glow allowed me to breathe underwater. We dove deep, down, down we went. I did not see any other creatures in the water.

We were the only ones present as we dove deeper.

I started to see a glow in the distance. It became larger as we approached. When we were close enough I could see it was an underwater bubble on the ocean floor containing a lush green garden.

My Orca friend dropped me off at the permeable door, that I just leaned against to gain entry. I walked in feeling a sense of wonder! This was what I would have imagined the garden of Eden looking like. I could see my Guide walking towards me in white robes.

I have known this man for a very long time. We have shared lifetimes together and as I leaned in to hug him, he kissed my forehead first, I was grateful to notice that I was magically wearing a robe too:)

I asked him, "Why do I have to journey so far to see him?" he laughed and kissed my forehead again.

I kissed his cheeks and his forehead as well. It was like I was accepting that we were on equal ground. I asked what this place was and he just smiled. We had a conversation but I do not know what was said. I only know in the core of my Being that we had a deep conversation and that I learned many things but my mind knows none of this.

He walked me back to my Orca friends and we travelled swiftly back to the surface and my ever-waiting Wolf Spirit Guide companions. They loyally waited for me at the oceans edge and as I walked out of the water there was an understanding passing between us. This is a life connection. They will never leave. As a pack, we walked back to the trail and then I was gone...

That was my story of my Wolf Spirit Guide...I would love to hear your experience with an Animal Spirit Guide. Please share it below...

Much love,

The Woo Woo Diva

And just for fun...

I love animals! Enjoy this short video :)

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