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Ascended Masters Oracle Cards

Doreen Virtue created this beautiful deck.

And it was the first deck I was drawn to and just...had... to.... purchase. 

The artwork, which is stunning, is from the creative genius of Corey Wolfe and there is a guidebook, (all decks have one), and that makes these very easy to work with :)

You may get more information intuitively beyond the guidebook, and that's great. The guidebook is just that... a guide.

Ascended Master 3 Card Spread

I encourage you to use your intuition and go beyond....I strongly recommend to work with the deck that you feel most drawn to.

I was pulled towards the Ascended Masters themselves as I was at a place in my life that I was requiring their specific personal assistance.

So the beautiful Ascended Masters Oracle Cards Divinely entered my life so that I could use them as a tool to bridge the distance vibrationally between us.

It helped me to hear the Ascended Masters messages clearly.

Doing a reading is easy!

Using these Angel Tarot Cards(read more about them here), is so simple.

You can pull one for a quick message or you can do a 3 card spread representing the past, present, and possible future. I say possible future because the future is fluid and constantly changing by our choice of thoughts and words.

Well here we go....

I will show you an example of how easy this is!

Serapis Bay

The first card I pull is Serapis Bey "Go Now".

This card is the position of the immediate past and talks about leaving a toxic relationship, or quitting your job, start a new project, no more excuses.

(as Nike would say "just do it")

I just quit my job of 13 years and joined a new company where I am very happy (and for the record the other job was a toxic situation).

The second card from the Ascended Masters deck is Oshun, "Drink More Water".

As I type these words I can tell you that my thirst is almost overwhelming.

I've added more exercise into my life recently and body is trying to find balance again under these new circumstances :)

This card also mean; spend time near water, avoid chemical drinks, sweat, buy a water purifier.

Right now this card is telling me that I am dehydrated. True, I am.

The third card is White Tara, "Purification",

in the immediate future position. This is telling me that something needs purification; integrity, diet, body, actions, intentions.

I will watch to see how this plays out. I know that staying in integrity will be a focus for me.

I also received a bonus fourth card attached to the third card, which would place it in the future position as well. Vishnu, "Trust".

This card is about; trusting your gut feelings and intuition, Your on the right path, trust your prayers are being answered.

Wahoo! This all sounds good to me!

You can do this too!

See how much fun the Ascended Masters Oracle Cards are?

Doreen Virtue has created a beautiful deck that will give you guidance and much enjoyment!

Much love,

Ahrina Kay

The Woo Woo Diva

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