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This deck by Doreen Virtue is one of my favorite to use for a reading.

These tools are very easy to work with.

You can do a full reading by pulling 3 cards, with 1 representing the past, 1 representing the present and 1 is the potential future.

I say "potential" because we alter our future everyday by our thoughts and actions as we actively create our reality.

A reading...

The first message...

... has fallen into the position of the past.

The truth is that I had a situation at work that I didn't back down from.

I stood up for myself and what I believe and it all worked out for the best.

I find a reading to be very accurate and I enjoy using these tools to tap into a deeper knowing.

The second message from the Goddess Oracle Card deck...

Is Kuan Yin who is in the present position and she is delivering the message of compassion.

I am being guided to be compassionate with others and myself.

This is a time when I need some TLC and to go ahead and do so.

She also asks me to release myself from judgements of myself and others.

Good advice!

And the last Goddess Oracle Card...

As a possible future I have some important doors opening for me. I like it and I will definitely be on the look out for them!

The universe can only provide if we are open and ready to receive. With that said, I am focusing on being receptive to the universe (which I usually am anyway yet, now I will be more aware of it).

When using the Goddess Oracle Cards...

I would suggest tuning in (looking within) and seeing which deck (or decks) you are drawn to and purchase those to start.

Keep "playing" with them until you feel comfortable!

Have fun tapping into this guidance.

Much Love,

Ahrina Kay

The Woo Woo Diva

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