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Large numbers of Native American Spirit Guides...

...are arriving on this planet, at this time. I am finding these new guides, in reading sessions lately, introducing themselves, on a mission to serve us in this transition phase.

I believe that due to the 2012 energetic shifts (which started in 2011 and will continue through 2015), their specific skills are needed by us at this moment.

They connect us to Mother Earth.

They connect us to nature all around, which we often take for granted or down right ignore in our busy lives. Sad but true....

We are experiencing vibrational shifts that our crystalline bodies are accommodating. (Drinking lots of water will help.)

These shifts can be hard on us at times and I believe that this specific group of Beings are assisting this transition by connecting us to nature and making the process easier, shall I say.... more gentle.

Those of us who are sensitive, may experience some extreme emotions and feel "wiggy" without knowing why. Trust that this isn't you. Let me repeat... this....isn' It is the energy shifts creating the feelings inside of you.

Call on your Spiritual Helpers for assistance to ease you into the transition.That is why they are here.

If you know you have a native american spirit guide or suspect that you do...tap into that energy, ask for their help.

Ask to be connected to Mother Earth. Ask that they bring in the animal spirits to help. Ask that all negative energy be pulled from your four body system (spiritual, mental, physical and energetic bodies). Ask that your Guide(s) come to you in the dream state (or meditation) and communicate with you. They are always there to help and are just waiting for you to ask.

Change does not have to be painful. Do yourself a favor and ask for help from all your Guides and Angels :)

Much love,


The Woo Woo Diva

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