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Opening the Crown Chakra

Crown Chakra

This is your connection to the Divine!

Therefore, opening the crown chakra provides you with a greater connection to your God of choice!

Here is where you will find all the information for opening your Crown Chakra,
aka Sahasrara Chakra and the Seventh Chakra!

The Crown Chakra...

... is located on the top of your head and this is our highest energy center, in both location and in the vibratory state.

We bring in great knowledge through this location and this is where we connect to our highest level of enlightenment!

We will only grow spiritually to the expansiveness of our Sahasrara and we are limited by how far it can open unless.... we actively work at expanding it!

Which is why you are here right now!

I know that I want to achieve a stronger connection to the Divine and if you are here I am assuming that you do too.

Let's build that connection now and read on for tips!

When Your Crown Chakra is Clear and Open...

... You have a sense of spiritual connection, peace and a possible glimpse of bliss. You have access to wisdom beyond just yourself and you easily fall into the creative flow. (Sounds good to me!)

Opening the Crown Chakra will allow you to see the bigger picture, the Divine plan. To see that which is bigger than your self. (Ah wise one:)

How do I know if my Crown Center is blocked?

Well, if this area is blocked you may feel disconnected from a source greater than you. You may feel tired and experience hallucinations.

You may experience a negative self-image and feel misunderstood (there it is... that craving for connection)

Seventh Chakra

To assist the healing of this energy center and the opening of the crown chakra, partake in a fast.

Fasting is one of the best actions to take to quickly open this area. This is not easy for some and depending upon your level of health, it should be done under a doctors supervision.

I recently completed a 17 day "Master Cleanser" fast where you only consume a specific liquid drink!

Wow... My connection to spirit became stronger very quickly and for me it has stayed that way even while I am now consuming some food.

if you can't fast, try adding purple foods to your diet; blackberries, eggplant, beet tops, etc... they will help you to open this energy center.

The Gland...

... connected to this power center is the pineal.

Gems and Stones

The gems and stones that assist with opening the Crown Chakra are Amethyst, Black Opal, Diamond, Celestite, Selenite, Sugilite, Apopholite, Sunstone and of course, Rose Quartz (every chakras best friend)

Evelyn Mulders, in her book "The Essence of Sound", says this about Amethyst...

"Amethyst is a powerful healer and protector; it enhances spirituality awareness and is considered the "Stone of spirituality and contentment". It is also considered the stone of meditation and provides a bridge between the earth plane and the other worlds."

The Essential Oils...

... that assists with opening the Crown Chakra are; Geranium, Frankincense, Gardenia and Sandalwood.

Create your own chakra clearing spray to assist in clearing the crown chakra!

Mix together the essential oils of Frankincense and Gardenia with the stones; amethyst and rose quart, into a spray bottle filled with distilled water. (how about adding a few drops of a flower essence listed below to really amp this up). Shake and spray! Tada!

This is Divine connection in a bottle!

The Flower Essences...

... that assist the Crown Energy Center are lotus, star tulip, water violet, impatiens, heather and yarrow.


The note to tone is "B" and the sound to use is "eee".

If you chant this for only a few minutes a day, you will quickly see results! This chant will gradually begin to open and expand your crown and you will begin to experience a stronger connection to something greater than yourself!


  • I open to my own spirituality
  • I am balanced between earth and heaven
  • I am (my favorite)
  • I am complete and one with the divine energy
  • I am divine

Yoga Poses

Downward Dog - Adho Mukhasana (my Fave!!!)

Hare - Sasangasana

Thunderbolt/Rock - Vajrasana

Thank you for joining me as we are opening the Crown Chakra!

Please contact me if you have any questions or leave a comment below!

Much love,

Ahrina Kay

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