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Throat Chakra Information

Throat Chakra

The Fifth Chakra (aka Vishuddha) is our communication center.

This is where we express ourselves and when this chakra is unbalanced, closed or clogged up with stuck old energy, we will not be communicating at our highest level.

I find that most people who come to me for a private session have at least a partially closed down throat energy center.

Throat Chakra Information

This is because we are conditioned to not speak our truth for social acceptance reasons.

It is not socially acceptable to be a "truth speaker".

For example, if someone accidentally stepped on your foot and said sorry. We would respond with a "That's okay". But is it? I know they didn't do it on purpose, fair enough, but I can bet that you wouldn't be happy with them doing it again. So then it's really not okay. Are you following?

How many times do we feel slighted in life and we respond to people with, "Oh that's okay". Now I'm not saying go out there and dump on everyone cause you need to speak your truth... yet I am saying, find a way to speak your truth.... with kindness and love always.

Use your words for the power of "good".

On the subject of Throat Chakra Information...

This power center effects more than just the throat. The thyroid gland, jaw, tongue, mouth and ears are all affected by this area and in turn effect the chakra itself. If you are having issues in any of these areas, it is time to work on your Vishuddha.

The throat chakra vibrates to the colour turquoise.

You can wear this colour, paint your room this colour, wear a pendant this colour and/or visualize this colour.

All of this will help heal this important power center.

How do I know if my Throat Chakra is blocked?

You may experience depression, fatigue, coughing and cold symptoms. You may also be rigid, stubborn, strongly attached to traditions and have an inability to listen while talking too much.

(Though the excess talking isn't about speaking your truth and more about a defensive mechanism and chatter.)

If this area is in balance you may express yourself openly and completely. You are a good listener, accountable, reliable and your word is law.

The Essential Oils...

The essential oils Chamomile, Orange and Rosemary all nourish this area.

Wear a body lotion with one or all of these scents in it, use hand soap with these oils, dab the oils directly onto your skin as a pure perfume breathing in these healing scents.

Healing this Power Center...

Create a spray with a combination of essential oils, flower essences and stones... Place in a spray bottle with distilled water and voila! You have a throat chakra healing spray!

I know that when I spend time "loving" my throat chakra...
it opens up and my thyroid symptoms dissipate, my frustration levels reduce and my digestion eases.

(must be the association with the jaw and mouth).

The Gland...

... connected with this chakra is the thyroid.

Read on for more Throat Chakra Information.

The Gems and Stones...

... that vibrate to the Vishuddha are Blue Opal, Blue Lace Agate, Lapis Lazuli, Turquoise, Topaz, Carnelian and Aquamarine.

Wear one or all of them.

You may choose to sleep with them, wear it or have one in your pocket.

This will surely assist in clearing the throat chakra.

The Flower Essences...

That assist the opening of Throat  are Cosmos, Larkspur, Agrimony, Cerato and Larch.


The note to tone is "G" and the sound is "eye".

Toning this will gently clear and open this energy center.


  • I am able to hear the voice of my soul
  • I am able and willing to speak my truth
  • I speak my truth with kindness and love always
  • I communicate my feelings with ease
  • I say what I mean and I mean what I say

Foods that nourish the throat chakra...

... blueberries & plums.

More Throat Chakra Information.

Visualize, visualize, vizualize.

And did I say....visualize?  :-)

I can't say this enough. We create our reality with our thoughts and our words.

See your Throat Chakra spinning it's beautiful turquoise colour!

I hope all this Throat Chakra Information was helpful for you.

Much love,

Ahrina Kay

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