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Wisdom Of The Hidden Realms
Oracle Cards

Welcome to my review of this deck and I prefer to review these cards by actually performing a reading with them. I like the "hands on" "real-life" experience.

I begin my reading by tuning into my intuition, asking my Guides to show me how many cards are required for this reading.

I listen carefully for that little voice that always comes yet sometimes in different forms.... I may hear a number spoken but most often I am given a vision of how the spread of cards will look. I quickly count what I see and begin shuffling.

I do a wee bit of energy work before I pull the cards as I like to "set the space". I place a bubble of light around the room, I ask the angels to attend to the four corners to hold this sacred space, I may picture a golden pyramid surrounding the room and I may add violet flames if I am feeling a lower vibration attempting to enter.

Last but not least I ask for the reading to be for the highest good of all concerned.

As I shuffle I ask a question to Spirit, "what do you wish me to know?" (for a reading on myself) or "what does this person need to hear right now?" (for a reading for a client). That is unless there is a specific question that needs answered. If that is the case, then I fill my mind with that question only and clear it of all other thoughts (at least to the best of my ability).

Wisdom Of The Hidden Realms

As you can see this is a three card spread but not representing the past, present and possible future as is the common layout, but instead this is an over-view of my current situation. "And how do I know that?", you may ask. Spirit told me.

The first card to fall out is, "The Altar Priestess" and she says that I am being required now to see everything as sacred, all of life as a meditation, and every action as a prayer or devotion.

The Challenging side of this card asks the questions, "Have you failed to stand up for yourself?", "Have you allowed someone to dishonor you?".

Well isn't this interesting??

I have had an occurence at work with me feeling dishonored by an employee. I have not "allowed" it to happen, as the card states could be the case, I successfully stood up for myself to my superiors. I believe that this is Spirit saying that they were watching and kudos to me for taking care of myself.

Sometimes how the cards in a reading fall can actually seem like you are having a conversation with spirit!

There is nothing better than confirmation!

The second card to enter this reading is "The Rainbow Prince".

He says, "follow your bliss to the pot of gold waiting for you. Perseverance pays off".

Well, I can tell you that I have begun to feel, recently, that there is a lot of "good" coming my way and this card confirms it. Wahoo!

I have had to take a good hard look at my personal "stuff" around deserving (or not) and feeling unworthy.

I realize that I have some blocks around that and I believe they may stem from being given up for adoption.

Some adoptees are familiar with the feeling of not being "good enough", it can be a core issue for us. Look at it this way... as a baby I wasn't "good enough" for my mother to keep me.

Sounds silly, doesn't it? Yet, I think that was buried somewhere deep inside of me.

I hope it's gone now!

The third card in my reading using the Wisdom Of The Hidden Realm Oracle Cards is, "The Swan Queen".

She speaks of looking within for messages and looking back at how you have transformed your life!

The challenging side of this card could be a fear of change. Don't  hold onto past perceptions, let them go and see the present clearly for what it is.

I don't believe I have a fear of change. Yet I do know that my hang up can be taking the first step in an action. That one can trip me up but now that I know that about myself I seldom get tied up with it.

Let's just say that my life is full of transformation!

I do not recognize the woman I was five years ago. Heck, I don't even recognize myself from a year ago!

I hope you enjoyed coming along for the ride in my reading... and it was my pleasure to share this with you.

I really enjoy using Oracle Cards!

They are so easy to use with a guidebook to walk you through every card.

Thank you for joining me.

Much love,

The Woo Woo Diva

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