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Chakra's: What are the Chakras?


Welcome, my friends, as I answer the question...

What are the chakras?

For starters, the chakras are the major energy centers in your body. (That is the "nutshell" version). A complete list of Chakra locations and  Descriptions are found here. For a colour chart click here.

As we connect to spirit, and increase the energy flowing through our body, we will become ever more aware that some parts (the chakras), are blocked, closed or just down right "not spinning" fully.

We will become aware of a disconnect somewhere along the center front side of our body (where they exit the body) or the spine (where they are located).

When I had first begun working on my chakras, I had felt a complete disconnect with my lower three...

...the root chakra, the sacral chakra and the solar plexus.

Which makes sense from the experiences I had in my life as a child.

I was adopted and that experience affected me in the area's of safety, self-esteem and personal power which are the lower three chakra respectively.

There are many tools available for, chakra cleaning. A blocked chakra requires some assistance to open it and we will look at providing you with the "aligning chakra skills".

Chakra wands, chakra tuning forks, chakra healing bowls and chakra tones are very helpful tools for the beginner and advanced student.

Desert Rose Crystal

The skill for balancing the heart chakra, seems to be much needed in the world today.

Most of us feel a sense of overwhelm, as we are inundated with information and pushed to work longer and harder.

Our tender chakra heart tends to shuts down.

This is self-preservation and the result of fast-paced living.

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The thymus chakra regulates the immune system, the little known chakra that we will explore.

The throat chakra needs some TLC to undo our social conditioning to not speak our minds :)

If you are experiencing issues around this you may need to work on this repeatedly. Most of us have this chakra blocked or at least partially closed down. It is socially unacceptable for us to speak our truth all the time and this, in itself, can cause a closing down of this chakra.

For a collection of chakra pictures click here.

It has been my pleasure assisting you on this journey to explore,

"What are the Chakras?".

Much love,

The Woo Woo Diva

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